Top 10: Best Chess Streamers!

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The best chess streamers

Chess has been growing progressively in the giant streaming platform: Twitch. The reality is that chess has taken some popularity because of several events that have been done.

The queen’s gambit series on Netflix, plus the pandemic (incredibly), have helped chess to get a lot more popular on the internet. Chess is an interesting game, that can be enjoyed by those who don’t know the depth concepts of the game.

This is why we bring you a list of the best chess streamers to watch on Twitch. We have a list of the funniest, and most instructive chess players that are entertaining and training people at chess with fantastic content.


This is the chess star of streams that you always have to mention every time you are talking about chess on Twitch. This account belongs to the proficient grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, excellent chess American player.

He has won the U.S chess championships two times, and he has been a top-level player for a long time now. You will be amazed by Hikaru’s calculation skills, and have a closer look at the master’s ways to play the game.

He is pretty active on the platform, streaming live games and fun chess events almost every day, go check it out.


chess streamer king

This is the nickname of IM Levy Rozman, a talented chess player who is also greatly charismatic, fun, and carefree. Gothamchess is known as a chess celebrity uploading chess videos on YouTube and streaming on Twitch almost every day.

His content can be really fun, however, they are usually hiding an important chess lesson useful for any chess player. This is why he is a good option to watch if you are interested in improving your chess.

He has incredible experience creating content for different chess webs, for all levels.

Alexandra Samaganova ASamaganova

Alexandra is a chess FIDE master and chess streamer who is very interested in having you enjoy chess to the fullest. She also loves to take selfies and has a delightful style.

However, she is one of the best streamers to watch on or Twitch, you will surely learn one trick or two here. She is very good at blitz and she is always playing on stream with his followers, make sure you check that out.

Botez Sisters

You can find the Botez sisters on Twitch as Botez live, two FMs who are passionate about coaching chess. Alexandra Botez and Andrea Botez will teach you the best of the game.

And they will also unleash a lot of fun on their streams where they will come up with crazy challenges or have others streamers join them!

This is one of the most educational chess channels there are out on Twitch, good stuff for chess players.



Now, if you are more interested in going deep beyond the chess basics, calculating variations, and analyzing positions, this is your streamer. Daniel Naroditsky is a chess grandmaster, he was among the best players in the world sometimes.

Naroditsky is always explaining his games, analyzing positions, and giving practical tips to his viewers. He likes to go deep about chess analysis and he is very good at making hard-looking chess concepts easy with examples on board.

He explains very well and he is a proficient master willing to share all of his secrets, a tune-up to his channel.


Anna Rudolf is the Russian chess queen of Twitch, she holds a grandmaster title, and she is beautiful as well. Anna is the perfect streamer to enjoy while listening to relaxing music and a cup of coffee.

She is a mom too; you can usually hear some of the interesting stories she likes to share while playing. She loves to have her public participating, so you should really consider looking up his Twitch channel.

Alexandra Kosteniuk (Chessqueen)

chess streamer queen

This is literally, a chess queen, that’s her nickname, nothing far from reality, Alexandra kosteniuk is a strong player. She has incredible chess skills, her content is greatly instructional and fun.

She is a pretty good chess streamer to enjoy a good time on the platform, you can find her playing usually on Also, she shares good chess lessons, and great experiences from tournaments she has played, which could be interesting.

Harikrishna HariChess

Pentala Harikrishna is one of the best chess players in his country, and one of the best in the world as well. Harikrishna is a charismatic chess grandmaster who has a great talent to show you, he is usually streaming chess nowadays.

He is one of the best masters to tune up to if you want to learn, just as Hikaru, you instantly notice the Indian’s great talent for chess. Also, he offers tips and tricks for those who are preparing for a tournament or match, sharing his own experiences and techniques.


chess streamer pawn

Chessbrah is not exactly a chess streamer, but two of them, this is one of the funniest chess shows you can watch on the whole internet. This team is conformed by GM Eric Hansen and GM Aman Hambleton, two strong chess players who enjoy streaming their passion for chess.

Chess brahs are usually giving excellent commentary to chess competitions like titled Tuesdays or speed chess championships. They also enjoy playing interesting chess variations and having fun with chess, overall.

They also love to have others streamers join theirs, you can have a little of a crossover there.

Natalia Pogonina

Pogonina is a proficient and highly successful chess grandmaster, who also loves to give you her tips to play chess like a master. She is more of a deep thinker, she usually falls silent on her streams, but the quality of her play is absolutely amazing.

Watching her play is never a boring thing, and she will always explain to you what she was thinking, which can result in very educational.

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