7 Things to Consider Before You Let Your Child Play Chess Online

play chess online

Let your children play chess online!

If you have kids interested in chess, as a parent, you are worried about your child playing chess online with strangers!

The truth is that is quite normal, and the platforms to play chess online like chess.com are pretty secure. Even, there is a special site called chesskid.com which is for kids only.

Playing chess brings several benefits for everyone, not just kids, that is the factor that makes chess a glorious sport. It’s difficult to say, but once you learn chess, if you develop an interest in it, it will become part of your life.

There are several organizations like chess4life or chesskids.com which devoted themselves to teach chess to children in general. The reason is that chess is such an educative game, which can teach your child incredible skills.

There is a vast amount of benefits, like learning another sport, but chess’s nature is pretty nurturing for the brain.

Here are some important things to consider, and take into account, before you let your children play chess online.

Develops critical thinking

Playing chess online will help your kid to learn how to make rational thinking, analyze things and take decisions. This is all that chess is about, taking good decisions over bad ones.

If you take an incorrect decision, you will lose the game, which functions as a “correcting system”. Chess is a game to play alone, there is no team to guilt if you lose a game, that's what you realize when you play chess online.

This analysis will happen in your children’s heads after they lose a game, and they will learn from their mistakes.

Playing chess will help them think logically before they give every step in the game. This habit will also reflect in their lives and behavior.

Children become more competitive

play chess online queen

Chess is a pretty competitive game, and everything is on you, when you lose is just for you, no excuses. In chess you sense and you know when a player is stronger than you, you can notice.

This will make them feel the need for improvement, which is good and necessary for all humans to motivate them to progress. Any way you can get the best out of this practice if you learn how to use them.

That’s where you, parents, come into the frame, teaching your children how to focus this emotion on their improvement. Again this will be reflected in their life as well, making them understand reality is that if you want to be better you have to work to achieve that.

Chess will motivate them to improve

They will not just stay with the feeling of wanting to be better, and if they like chess, the deal is sealed. It’s very typical, especially for kids, that they look up more techniques, tips, tricks, lessons, and more to improve at chess.

Learning chess is an authentic journey, and they will learn a vast amount of things that can be applied to life.

For example, the elimination method in chess is a method to choose the next move. Personally, I don’t know how many times I have used this method to take decisions in real life. With the difference that is not a chess move, but is a decision anyway.

It’s impressive how many similarities you can find between chess and life, and it's also impressive the things you can learn if you play chess online.

Playing chess online prevents psychological issues!

play chess online knight

Did you know playing chess makes kids more secure and confident in themselves?

A study confirms that playing chess online makes kids feel more confident, and makes them less vulnerable to suffer from anxiety and other disorders.

If you did not know, playing chess is an approved and efficient treatment for schizophrenia. That’s why chess is one of the activities offered to patients with psychological disorders.

Chess can also help you to feel happier with your inner being, often playing chess can report a lot of benefits for your health in general. It’s also proved that playing chess can regenerate neurons, impressive!

Gives them more awareness

That’s one of the benefits of the game, it makes people more aware of different things. A good way is to play chess online, but they're having awareness has to do with the tactical side of chess.

The tactical vision is one of the first things that appear in every chess player when they are starting. Tactics are too important in chess, and they consist of learning patterns.

Once your kids learn the patterns and start using them they will always be looking for tactical opportunities over the board. The effect this produces is that they start to pay more attention to the things they do in general. As well as improving their focus for any activity.

Improves their memory

improve in chess rook

You need to have a good memory to play chess online or wherever, chess has a lot of patterns. The only way to recognize patterns is to memorize them, you have to take them into account when playing chess.

Remembering different factors or concepts in the position to play it correctly is also something. The chess players start to experiment with different positions and patterns, it becomes something natural.

Chess players tend to remember the moves of a game that they played 10 years ago!

This also is improved when the chess players start calculating a variation. The thing is, chess players have to imagine the position they are going to end up with on the board. All of this in the mind, which trains your brain's visualization.

Chess teaches kids common sense

Chess is a purely logical and rational game, there is no hidden information, everyone knows everything. For this reason, any chess player needs to develop the skill to think logically.

This is the essence of chess, pure analysis by logical and precise calculation will lead your plans to victory. This is applied by following certain rules that are easy to learn and then, apply them logically in your game.

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