How To Choose the Best Chess Forums

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Chess forums on the internet

There are many spaces where you can discuss topics relative to chess in all its forms. These websites are forums, the most specialized webs to discuss any topics.

You first need to know, there are many types of forums relative to almost any topic you can think of. And these sites could adapt to what you are looking for or not.

This will depend on your intentions with the forum, ask yourself, what do you want to do in the forum?

You can have a good time, chilling, telling jokes with strangers through the internet, maybe some memes, you know… Casual stuff.

Or you can find a serious group to really debate chess topics, openings, study methods, or anything.

Normally, chess forums or groups (which would happen to be the same thing) have rules. You should always read and follow the rules of the forum, you don’t want to be kicked!

Chess forums are the best spaces to share your doubts about anything you can think of, in this case, chess. Every chess forum is good for your learning, and you can be in different forums simultaneously.

But I recommend you just look for the group that fits your preferences.

What are the best chess forums?

chess forum

For the number of chess forums, there are on the internet is impossible to answer that question. But what you can find are the chess forums that count with the most proficient members.

If you are a beginner who doesn’t have an idea of how to play chess, or an amateur who wants to improve, even a grandmaster, pretty much any group is valid.

Once again, is not important to the members or how much activity the forum has, the important thing is the objective of the forum. There are special forums for players of all levels, with different motives.

Surely, it would not be appropriate to ask how the pawn moves in a grandmasters’ forum. But, if you just want to review the information you can just go and see.

We are going to go over three of the best sites that you can visit to discuss chess on forums. These are the best to post information yourself, make questions, and get an accurate and quick response.

These are forums created by different webs, not all of them are fully dedicated to chess, but they have great forums anyway.

What makes a forum good or bad is the information you can find, how rich the forum is in posts, and of course, the quality.

Chess Reddit forums

chess forum tournament

The first had to be Reddit, of course. I don’t mean to be cliché, but the Reddit chess forum has great tools for chess players. The variety of information, and also the traffic it has is terrific.

Whatever you are looking for, relating chess you will find on this web, even grandmasters are aware of the chess Reddit.

Super GMs like Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura has already been posting content on this website.

The thing that makes Reddit the best web to look for any kind of forums is the existence of subreddits. This makes the process of looking for what you need a lot easier.

You can perfectly look for the subreddit for beginners, for middle-games, endgames, chess news, and etcetera. There is a wide amount of different chess forums on the web that is specialized to have forums.

Reddit has been in the business of forums for a long time, the website is all personalized, and configure to ensure the best experience. forum

chess forum board

The website is a web that is designed for chess players, and it is a special platform to play chess. is one of the oldest and most complete chess sites that rules the whole internet.

One of the reasons why is the most recognized and most famous chess website is the great interaction it grants among its users. has a great variety of chess players and masters willing to post content on the website about different topics. The advantage of using the forums is that, different from the chess Reddit, it’s completely dedicated to chess.

You can complete the information you see with practical examples, videos, and even streams! Also, is the best platform you can use if you are a beginner to start playing chess.

Every user is free to use any chess forum to post anything and give your responses, there is no ranks or qualification from users if you are not into that.

The chess forums are very well-organized, and it allows you to have interaction with other players. Who knows? You can even get a response from a chess grandmaster. exists from a long time ago, and almost everyone who wants to play chess online starts here. This is the reason why pretty much any chess player in the world has a account, which you create for free.

Internet chess forum (ICC)

Chess Forum ICC
Chess Forum ICC

If we are going to talk about the grandfather of chess online would be ICC, we can’t overlook this big forum. The internet chess forum is one of the oldest and most complete forums about chess you can find.

The official ICC website is a must-read if you are a chess player because it has many functions that will surely result in appealing to you.

They count with a chess blog, they offer classes, resources, tournaments, and also have a chess forum for everyone. Normally the specialty of this forum is the chess news and upcoming tournaments.

But they also cover chess novelties, new opening theory and have a space for miscellaneous and fun topics related to chess.

If you are looking for a forum to learn, this is the perfect choice for you then. The whole website is specialized in chess learning and improvement with practical and simple content to read.

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