Richard Rapport, Top 100 chess players!

Richard Rapport is one of the best players in the world, and he is especially known for being a chess prodigy in the past. He sure still is, but he is 26 years old now, and one of the top 20 best players according to FIDE.

However, we should mention this grandmaster obtained his GM title when he was 13 years and 11 months old. That makes him the youngest person in getting the GM title in Hungary, and one of the youngest in the world.

Today you will learn a little about his life and will learn from the excellent ideas he has over the board. Richard Rapport won the European Championships in the U10 category, and other important tournaments like the Gotth’Arte.

He also had Alexander Beliavsky as a chess coach, one of the best players around, and some of the past generations. Now, he is a solid part of the elite chess grandmaster group, and there are many things to appreciate from his game.

This master is also particularly known for his steady progression in chess and the way it has developed. You might not understand what we are talking about here, but once you look at the games becomes pretty clear.

Richard Rapport’s playstyle

Richard Rapport is especially creative and tends to invent new openings against practically every rival! The thing is, this player will play anything completely anti-theoretical in his games.

This gives an air of new to every game, and you know that you are not playing theory, you are playing pure chess. Just like Chess960 mode does, it puts the player in a completely new situation.

This has made even the stronger players fall to him, as all Richard Rapport plays is new or extremely rare.

One of the most common problems of top-level chess is that all grandmasters know the theory. Seriously, GMs are like opening books themselves, is pretty hard to play something new to them.

But this is exactly what Richard Rapport tries to do, playing moves like e3 in the first move with white. You get the idea, he wants to play chess that is inventive, and it will test out his rivals’ creativity.

Also, he is super aggressive, Richard Rapport is all about the attack and his weird openings. Unknown openings and tactics are two things that really go well together, if you are a good calculator of course. Now, we will have a look at some of his best-ever games, and see what Richard Rapport has to show us on the board.


Best games played by Richard Rapport

This is considered to be his best game, the reason is that you see such deep and difficult tactics here. It’s a little difficult to understand, but we will try to make it easy with the commentary.

Now we have an excellent show provided to us by GM Magnus Carlsen and GM Richard Rapport!

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