Fabiano Caruana the Chess Prodigy, What is his Story?

fabiano caruana playing

The life of Fabiano Caruana

Fabiano Caruana was a normal boy who started to play chess at the age of 6. He was the child of an Italian couple that was living in Miami, Florida by the time Fabiano was born.

He played his first chess tournament the same year he started playing the game in the Susan Polgar chess center in Queens. As a result of this, he got to be trained by the NM Bruce Pandolfini when he was 6 years old.

Fabiano Caruana was very fortunate to have careful parents that saw a talent in him so they supported him to exploit it. He started to increase his level of play significantly bit by bit, having good results in pretty tough tournaments.

By the age of 12, he was a pretty strong player who had some interesting triumphs. He had beaten a Grandmaster in a serious tournament at 10 and got the FM title when he was 12.

After getting some victories in scholar tournaments and in Pan-American competitions their parents released Fabiano had a great talent. They moved to Europe where Fabiano Caruana met one of the greatest masters he had: Boris Zlotnik.

His chess progress was so incredible that exactly 10 days before Fabiano’s 15th birthday he got one of the best gifts he had in his life. At 14 years 11 months and 20 days of age Fabiano Caruana got the Grandmaster title by FIDE.

His brilliant chess career

tournament chess

As we mentioned he had earned two gold medals and had won numerous scholar tournaments for the moments. But this was just the tip of the iceberg with the player that would end up challenging the world champion.

Fabiano Caruana went on to win the Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Dortmund, one incredibly prestigious tournament. He became the absolute champion of his country Italy.

In 2007 Fabiano Caruana was able to beat the strong tournament of Hogeschool Zealand in Holland taking over the first place.

Then, in 2008 he won the Corus chess tournament with a unique performance in the tournament and showing great talent.

Some years later and very recently in 2018 he won the candidates tournament and became the challenger of the world champion Magnus Carlsen. He was also recognized as the second-best chess player in the world in 2019.

This is the story of a chess machine, a human that was practically raised to play chess, and he does very well!

Fabiano Caruana’s playstyle

fabiano caruana candidatos
Fabiano Caruana Candidatos 2018

If there is something to really check out about Fabiano is his interesting playstyle and chess personality. He has a very straightforward approach to chess and also he is like the scientific type of chess player.

Anyway, I would say Caruana is the universal type of chess player being very adaptive to any position he is given. But sometimes you can see the aggressive beast he has inside getting out and making one mistake or two.

He has dropped the advantage trying to impose his initiative and temps to go for the kill so fast, and messes up in the ending. We have seen Fabiano getting into this mistake before an important amount of chances costing painful losses.

However, nothing but just a little imperfection that he has been working on and improving over the years, he will still beat you up if you treat him with ease.

Did I mention his brutal success playing open openings with 1. e4 as his first move? It is over 65%! This may not sound like a lot for you, but playing chess at the top level is unbelievable!

Fabiano Caruana memorable games

fabiano caruana against carlsen

Of course, this Prodigy had some incredible games in which he has made a masterpiece of his game. There are many interesting games where we see beautiful coordination and precision.

Fabiano is a pretty safe player who likes to throw an attack only when he knows it is going to be unbearable. In his games, we can see a dynamic balance between initiative and aggressiveness combined with fine positional moves.

Let’s check out some of their best blows:

Fabiano Caruana vs Ruslan Ponomariov

“Russlin' Ruslan” (game of the day Mar-02-2017)

Dortmund Sparkassen (2014), Dortmund GER, rd 2, Jul-13

Russian Game: Nimzowitsch Attack (C42)  ·  1-0

  1. Te7!! Simple, yet very sneaky move that anyone could have overlooked. 39… Qxe7 (there are no more options, to 39… Kb8 40. Ba6 is a painful loss) 40. Ba6! Kxa6 41. Qa8#

This is one of his most awesome wins against the Super Grandmaster Ruslan Ponomariov, an exquisite combination by Caruana.

But not only in tactics, how to forget when he won against Carlsen skillfully materializing a pawn of advantage.

How much money does Fabiano Caruana earn?

caruana playing
Fabiano Caruana playing

We decided to include this in the article because it is incredible the number of times this is looked upon by google, Fabiano Caruana's net worth. How much money do you think a professional chess player like Fabiano Caruana has?

Considering chess as one more of the wide variety of sports in which there are important competitions. Just as in football, basketball, and baseball, chess also gathers a number of happy fanatics with a thirst for chess professionalism.

Obviously, these events also gather a considerable amount of money and FIDE offers a juicy amount of money for the player who wins important tournaments. We are talking about annual and prestigious grandmasters-only tournaments like the Wijk aan Zee tournament.

The wealth of Fabiano is valued at 13 million USD from the tournaments he has won before and other chess-related incomes. On the other hand, little we know about Caruana’s private life, it would not be a surprise to know he has another income.

Or maybe he invested some of his fortune in a pretty successful business that is giving him more money. He is a chess player, after all, he knows how to use money strategically!

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