Levon Aronian, Top 100 player today!


Former world chess champion, the blitz killer, and one of the most creative chess players of the world, Levon Aronian. This is a player many in the community love and appreciate, and sure there are many things to admire about Levon.

He has won many tournaments like Tata Steel, Gibraltar Open, FIDE world cup, and many others in the past. And still today, he is the 17th best player in the world and the best player of all Armenia.

Levon Aronian excels in chess for his incredible creativity and approach to chess that can’t be described with another word rather than unique. Levon Aronian is the inspiration for many players, someone who doesn’t fear his opponent at all and takes fun as a priority.

Another important fact about Aronian is how charismatic he is, as Levon has a public figure that surely catches the attention. Like that one time, he went to a tournament with a Halloween costume.


This is a player not only with tremendous strength in chess but also one with a huge passion and love for the game. And he has no shame to show it off, making chess look like a more familiar and beautiful experience, even at the top level.

Today, we will learn from the grandmaster Levon Aronian by extracting his incredible ideas out of his games.

Levon Aronian message for you dear chess player

Levon Aronian has told us many things via interviews and his social media, which you can follow here. When you need to prepare for a tournament, the main thing you need to do is to stay fresh and be relaxed.

As this is the way you will play better, and not only that, but you will also feel better the experience of being in a chess tournament.

Levon Aronian’s playstyle

Now, Levon Aronian has talked more than once about his playstyle and the main idea that goes around that. He always talks about how chess needs to be creative, and the players need to be open to new ideas in chess.

That has taken him to find incredible combinations and plans in positions you would never imagine. He always tries something different and particularly unexpected for his opponent in the openings.

Also, he is a very aggressive player, he likes to drive the initiative in the position, and not let go of his opponent. The particularity of his attacks is that when you think you are perfectly safe, you are not.

Usually, while playing against Levon Aronian you will encounter moves that you will not understand at all. That simply speaks of how advanced as a chess player he is, and the actual level of GM Levon Aronian.

Watching him play will be very instructional for new players, and trying to understand his ideas is very nurturing. Even grandmasters can learn from him a thing or two, the reason why he is one of the best chess players in the world.

Interesting games by Levon Aronian

First of all, we have Levon Aronian against the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen!

Let’s see a game disputed between Levon Aronian and one of the most successful chess champions in the world, Viswanathan Anand.

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