5 Gorgeous Marble Chess Sets For You

marble chess set

Top 5 Marble chess sets

The best for representing a beautiful piece of art like a chess game is a marble chess set. The most divine and exquisite masterpieces to play chess like kings and princes.

The marble work is usually very elaborated and designed carefully and stunningly detailed. The best marble chess sets you can find have personalized pieces resembling history characters.

This can make it a bit more interesting, a chessboard is not just to play, it is a fancy decoration as well.

The marble chess can be a Little expensive or not if you know where to look for it, you just have to review all the possibilities. Today, we bring to you 5 marble chess sets that will make you feel rich when playing on them.

Marble chess set 12 inches

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This is a good chess set with a pretty odd design that will surely catch your attention in one second. The colors and the contrast pieces make with the chessboard is amazing.

The chessboard is made with wood and it is 12×12 inches, easy to move and store. You cannot flex the chessboard, but you can open it and store the pieces inside of the chessboard.

The top of the chessboard looks like marble and it matches perfectly with the pieces with its beautiful looks!

The pieces come comfortably stored inside of the chessboard with a soft foam inside to avoid any damage. The pieces have a thick and hard form, and are weighty.

This marble chess set is fabricated in India, so the pieces have a design that resembles that. Also they have a green like color, that make it look better along with the marble chessboard.

It is one of the cheapest option to be a marble chess set, definitely recommended for you.

Antique marble chess set

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Here we have one of the most incredible chess set you can possibly find, this will definitely will give you something to talk about when visitors see it.

This is a 16.5×6.5 inches’ chessboard made out of wood with a luxurious marble pattern. The chessboard has a great aspect and the quality is good as well, it also feels comfortable to move the pieces. The chessboard is flat; you cannot flex it nor have any compartments.

The whole product is protected with three capes of varnish, which makes it durable and gives a great aspect.

The pieces are roman soldiers with different designs and the rank determines the role they are playing as bishops, knights, and etcetera.

The pieces are high quality metal sculpted with awesome precision in the detail and expressions of the soldiers. Perfect to resemble the strategic war that romans fought a long time ago.

It is also an interesting decoration; this is a masterpiece that could easily be exposed in a museum. Seize this great offer and go get yours right now on Amazon.

Classic marble chess set for adults

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You have here a marble chess set with a modern appearance, the pieces look so vivid and the chessboard has a great look once again. The chessboard is not marble, it is wood with a marble design, which helps us with the price!

The pieces are metal and they are sculpted like classic regular chess pieces with awesome elaboration. Pieces where handcrafted by experienced professionals who have been doing these marble chess sets a long time ago.

The whole chess set is very light and it will not harm the table or whatever you use to put it on. The chessboard has a dimension of 16.9×16.9 inches, a big chessboard to play comfortably.

Major pieces like king, queen, bishops and knights go from 3 inches tall (king) to 1.6 inches (knight). While the pawns are 1.4 inches tall and the pieces’ weight is around 4lbs.

This incredible marble chess set counts with 100% five stars’ reviews on Amazon by satisfied customers, get yours now!

Green and black marble chess set

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marble chess set chesshouse.com

There are many chess sets that are undoubtedly beautiful and a great elaboration that will make happy any customer. But here it is a marble chess set that can overcome your expectations easily and surprise anyone.

The chessboard is 16×16 inches and the tallest piece on the board is the king (3 inches tall). They come with comfortable and nice bases in the bottom of every piece so they are deliciously slipped on the board.

This chess set has a chessboard and pieces with a beautiful green tone like aquamarine, it could match perfectly in a room with decorative shells!

The pieces are marble and the chessboard is marble as well, professionally handcrafted and designed. It has an awesome illustrative patterns and lines that make it stand out.

The chessboard cannot be flexed, and it is also not recommended to move too much because it is fragile. This is a chess set to put in one defined place and have nice games right there.

You can find this marble chess set on chesshouse.com, but you can also look for it on Amazon.

Radicaln marble chess set premium

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Here we have, in my opinion, the best marble chess set of the whole list until now. This is a pure chess set that was totally handcrafted and beautifully sculpted.

This chess set represents the most original essence of chess with a simple but exquisite design.

The chessboard is a hand-made and well-polished piece of onyx marble that was treated professionally. It has 15×15 inches in size and is weighty and resistant.

The pieces are also onyx marble that was treated respectfully as well, they have a very personalized and beautiful look. They are carefully packed in thick Styrofoam compartments to keep them safe while traveling to your house.

The same company that distributes and produces these chess sets offers different styles and colors for you if you like. There are many happy customers that highly recommend this marble chess set, what are you waiting for?

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