Superb Dragon Chess sets You Must See!

dragon chess set beast

Turn your chess game into a mythological war!

It would be cool for any chess-lover to have a mythological creature form part of his Dragon chess set!

Dragons are the kind of thing that we would think and talk about every day in primary school. It’s known to all of us as the powerful monster that lives in a cave, is bad-tempered, and spits fire.

Pretty cool, right? This is exactly what makes the dragon chess set the perfect Christmas gift for your son. Even if it’s not for a child you have to admit they are awesome.

Anyone interested in chess will love these 5 Dragon chess sets I will show you here. We will see the best dragon chess sets you will find on the internet, where to buy them and how good they really are.

3D Crystal dragon chess set

Check it out!

The first chess set we will view here is a very delicate piece, actually not recommended for kids because you have to be careful.

This is a dragon chess set that has incredible metal pieces and a glass chessboard, also has little fossils as decoration right under the chessboard with gives it a pretty dragonish nature.

The chessboard comes practically as a chess table as well, it is tall enough so you don’t need to put it on a table. The glass chessboard lays down a frame with illustrations and castles beautifully sculpted, they make It look medieval too!

The chess set looks absolutely amazing and following the opinions is excellent.

Definitely should check out and see if they are still in stock, they are in pretty high demand so don’t wait too much to get yours!

Ultimate dragon chess set by VERDUGO GIFT

Check it out!

Here we have another chess set with a tempered glass chessboard and great design. One of the best you can find on Amazon and price-quality relationship is gorgeous.

You got a beautiful base that resembles a medieval castle and looks like real stone, it supports the glass chessboard. Then you got the pieces that look like metal but they are stone and are pretty realistic dragons fighting for freedom.

The concept of this dragon chess set is very interesting and fun, pay close attention. The chess set has a castle underneath with bones and dragon corpses.

The creators wanted to give it a fantastic touch to the work and they thought about including these little details. It gives the illusion that the dragon battle has been going for a lot of time.

As the seller writes in the description of the product “This is a battle between the cold-blooded dragons against the bloodless dragons”, How scary!

Again a beautiful piece of art that will impress everyone who sees it, it will also provide you a lot of fun games too.

Dragon’s gambit chess set inspired by Cyvasse

Check it out!

dragon chess set
dragon chess set

This chess set is based on a game called Cyvasse that was inspired by a George R.R Martin series of books. Also, the design and the looks make you think about game of thrones instantly.

This dragon chess set has a fancy dragon chessboard with four dragon heads, one on every corner. The work is very detailed and the chessboard has such a treatment that makes it look brilliant.

It is very colorful as well, it has trimmed and varnished, which ensures that the chess set has good durability as well. The pieces are dragons and thrones, there were made in a 3D printer.

The whole chess set just screams fanciness and hard work out loud, the pieces are well-made, with good material and perfect weight. The whole dragon chess set was carefully handmade

This product was very hard to find, and that’s because there are not many masterpieces like this on sale. Definitely should check out before they run out of stock!

Dungeons and dragons chess set

Check it out!

dragon chess set queen

This is a great collector’s item that will display its stunning look and design for everyone who sees it!

This dungeons and dragon chess set is absolutely gorgeous and it is described as a premium quality item. The truth is that chessboards are extremely detailed and they captivate the essence of the dungeons and dragons game.

The pieces are from 1.5 to 3.5 inches tall and they have a fantastic weight. Also, they have a wide base so despite the way pieces are sculpted you will have no problem knocking pieces over.

The chessboard is high-quality walnut, and in polished it looks antique which matches perfectly with the essence of a dragon chess set. It comes with a manual too (and this is the fun part).

You can use this chess set to play traditional chess normally without any trouble. But the manual adds some new rules to the regular chess experience so you can play with a D&D style.

So if you think about it, is like two games in one. The level of detail is ridiculous and the materials used to make this chess set are exquisitely selected for durability.

Painted dragon chess set

Check it out!

dragon chess set king

Finally, we ha have more standard chess set with a lower price than the others we have seen so far. Anyway, it doesn’t mean this chess set is beautiful as well.

You have a wooden chessboard with fancy dragons’ illustrations and colors resembling dragons. This is a very colorful and stylish chessboard, you can also flex the chessboard to store the pieces inside.

The pieces are wood too, although their design is not greatly elaborated, the combinations of colors and the way it matches the board are superb.

This is a great chess set for everyone and with a very accessible price too, there is no doubt you will love this chess set.

I would also recommend checking out the seller’s webpage because this is not the only chess set he is selling, it has another beautiful chess set that is worth seeing.

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