Civil War Chess Sets To Remember The Fallen

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Civil War Chess set: History brought into Chess

Civil wars are events that every country has had, it is an unforgettable episode of human history. The essence of the war is the same to find in a civil war chess set, find the strategy to win the battle.

The historic value that these events are unmeasurable, is considered to be a necessary step to take for different societies. It’s not weird to see people who want to have something that recalls these episodes.

Depending on the country you live in, you have a different approach to it and a different history of this event. But what everything has in common is that we all remember it as the sacrifice reflected nowadays in our rights, freedom, and society.

There is no better way for a chess-lover to remember this aspect than with a nice civil war chess set.

Today, I will show you some civil war chess sets that will give you a thing to appreciate and talk about with your friends. The best pieces of art in a battle scene with a great history behind it.

Pewter civil war chess set

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The first chess set we will review was made by one of the biggest companies in the creation of these themed works: WE games.

This is one civil war chess set with metal pieces made with pewter and a polished wood chessboard. This civil war chess set is also a civil war checker set, it also comes along with the checker pieces.

It has storage to put the pieces inside the chessboard, and the checker pieces are also made out of wood. The pieces are beautifully sculpted, and they represent different characters of the American civil war.

For example, you can see Abraham Lincoln, along with soldiers and military officials carrying flags, rifles, and sabers. The history and meaning of the civil war are carved in the precious pieces.

Also, the chessboard is a natural brown piece of wood polished and prepared for durability.

People who have bought this article on Amazon claim that the civil war chess set is so beautiful it is more likely to be a gift than a toy. I’m sure that this will be an excellent gift for those who love history or just want unique chess set with a cultural value.

Russian doll’s civil war chess set

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This is a chess set inspired by the Napoleonic wars of 1812 with an old-like design that impresses realism to the piece. The combination of the following elements give this civil war chess set a special feature:

The chessboard has an illustration of a map in the parts with the squares. This can make you remember the great tables with a detailed map of the battlefield that you find in the campaign tents.

This is a pretty fun feature that will make you feel like a real strategy mind behind the moves of your army to achieve victory.

It’s combined with the form of the pieces and the drawings which make the board and pieces match in that warfare style. The pieces are soldiers and officials distinguished by the uniforms and equipment.

The civil war chess set does a great job in picturing and captivating the real look of the soldiers.

The whole chess set was carefully carved with the shape and was painted by hand. You can also store the pieces inside the chessboard and it’s pliable, which makes it easy to store or move around.

Although this is a careful piece of art that, you can tell by the looks, took a nice while to craft so it is worth showing it.

American civil war extra-large chess set

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Once more we have the great American civil war portrayed in a beautiful masterpiece, but with a little difference. This is a museum version that was made all by hand, from the carving to the painting, and with 4 to 8 inches tall pieces.

The realism of the pieces when it comes to detail and facial expressions is absolutely amazing. No doubt you are going to have the most interesting chess games playing with this civil war chess set. The chessboard is polished and crafted out of wood professionally.

Again, there are different historic characters of the American civil war like Abraham Lincoln, General Ulysses Grant, and Robert Lee.

civil war chess set lincoln

It would be really interesting to see this civil war chess set as an exposition in a museum. But it has some advantages for the people who want to use to play.

There are two types of pieces, the white pieces are for the Union side while the black pieces are for the confederation forces.

The pieces have a good weight and the chessboard is 16×16 inches, so it is ideal to have a great game of chess. You will also find it interesting to see what every piece represents.

American civil war chess set

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Lastly, we have here another chess set that could easily sneak into the museum’s attractions. Bello games are the company behind the creation of this piece of art.

They focused all the energy on paying the greatest of attention to the design of the pieces. Which are sculpted in wood and painted by hand, the pieces come from Italy.

The chessboard was made with Nogal wood and it’s incredibly well-done, they have great size, getting 5 to 8 inches.

The standards for the quality of this product are simply ridiculous, different types of wood were used in it, and specialists from many countries worked in it.

Definitely recommended if you want to have a relic in your house with a great chunk of history.

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