5 Excellent Wooden Chess Sets to Fall in Love with Chess!

wooden chess set

The Best Wooden Chess sets to Fully Enjoy Your Games

The work of a wooden chess set and the art take place in the wood as it doesn’t do in any other piece of art. The passion that some carpenters put into their work is invaluable, the wooden pieces are done with a very harsh job!

A wooden chess set can even inspire people to study or play, nothing like a good game of chess in an incredible chessboard. Playing in a tournament with a thick, beautiful, and well-polished chessboard doesn’t have a price.

Just sliding the pieces on the board and feeling the wooden pieces drifting on the wood, it’s fantastic. This is the real feeling of being in a tournament, and the truth is that every detail in the environment matters in your study and play.

This is why we bring to you 5 of the best wooden chess sets you can buy to bring the tournament to your house. We will go over different works of art including the pieces and the chessboard quality itself.

Flex able and functional wooden chess set

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This fun and well-defined wooden chess set will impress you with all the amazing characteristics it has for the low price.

Firstly the whole chess set is made out of varnished cherry and honey pine wood painstakingly sculpted. The chessboard and pieces are carefully painted and treated to craft the perfect chess set.

The piece's design is detailed and comfortable putting functionalism at the top. The pieces’ weight is good and the chessboard looks nice and can be flexed which makes it easy to store.

This is the perfect option if you need to travel, you can carry your chess anywhere and have a good game quick and easy. The varnished wood makes it comfortable for the player to slide the pieces over the board.

The price is very good for this kind of chess set, you should take the offer right away and start playing now!

ChessBazar magnetic wooden chess set

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A great chess set that has an excellent design and is made for comfortability and functionalism. It counts with a polished and varnished chessboard and nice colors.

This wooden chess set brings you a small wooden flex-able chessboard easy to place and use. You can store the pieces inside of the thick chessboard, which is nice if you want to travel or take it to your chess-mate house.

The pieces have a well-sculpted design that makes them look beautiful and much elaborated. This chess set comes with magnetic technology inside of the board and pieces.

This will ensure that the pieces don’t fall over if accidentally knocked when making a move. Also, allow you to move the pieces freely and comfortably with no effort.

The pieces are handcrafted and they were finely sculpted by talented hand craftsmen. They have small size and are light, but the magnets they have makes them easy to handle and comfortable to use and play with.

Get this wooden chess set right now and have limitless fun playing while you are traveling.

The Championship wooden chess set

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wooden chess set amazon
wooden chess set amazon

This excellent and refined wooden chess set is a superb work of art that will ensure many hours of fun. The big and brilliantly designed pieces can impress anybody.

The pieces were handcrafted in India with great detail and good painting and sculpting. The king and major pieces are 4 to 3 inches tall while pawns are 2 inches tall.

The superiority of this wooden chess set is evident compared to the other chess sets we have seen. But this chess set is special to study or putting it in your living room to have a pacific and interesting game of chess.

The excellent quality of the ebonized boxwood it has been made of is absolutely exquisite. The wooden chess set is beyond the regular quality standards we usually see in many wooden chess sets.

The pieces have a lovely weight to play with and felt bases to let them drift on the board. This wooden chess set comes with 1 extra queen per side for promotion and quality elaboration.

Excellent wooden chess set to enjoy chess in a quiet place, it will match perfectly with a cup of tea!

Universal standard wooden chess set

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Once again we have an intelligent design in this chess set, it is functional, lovely, and very easy to carry around.

Flex-able chessboard with finely sculpted pieces, and varnished with quality products. This wooden chess set looks so brilliant and counts with good weight and nice proactivity.

Simple yet beautiful chess set perfect for getting into chess and giving your first steps in chess. An excellent wooden chess set that allows you to seize the flex-able chessboard to store the pieces inside.

They also provide a good guarantee and excellent customer service for the product. You should totally seize the offer and get the perfect wooden chess set for you.

Ambassador wooden chess set

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wooden chess set chesshouse
wooden chess set chess house

An exquisite design in the pieces and very well sculpted by professional craftsmen and impressive looks!

The best part that shines the most when you see this wooden chess set is the pieces, the pieces have good sculpting and awesome detail.

They have a luxurious design called “ambassador” and the creative-looking pieces match perfectly with the excellent quality of the wood. They have stylish and unique pieces that look called the “western side”. This chess set is big and of excellent weight.

You can also store the pieces inside this wooden chess set with no effort, you can also flex it to store the pieces on the chessboard comfortably.

The customer’s opinions on the chesshouse.com portal indicate great quality and workmanship. Personally, the best option if you care much about the esthetic, you will be delighted with this chess set’s appearance.

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