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Keymer Vincent is undoubtedly one of the most promising chess players of this generation. It’s impressive to actually review the progress of certain chess players, and some chess promises around the world. One starts to focus so much on players like Nihal Sarin, Firouzja, or even the new champion Nodirbek.

Today we will talk a little bit about Keymer Vincent, the youngest chess player at the top level in Germany. One of the most impressive chess careers we have reviewed in this blog, and with the perspective of a chess coach, is highly interesting.

We really hope this article strikes your mind the way it strikes ours, because of how amazing it is.

We know that chess is not a pretty commercial game, and it is also highly competitive out there. Maybe for you and me (fanatics of chess) is really important, but it doesn’t have much attention as other sports like football or baseball.

That’s what sometimes haves these young talents and amazing stories to slip down the table. And they don’t get the attention they deserve for the achievements they have gotten.

Today we make justice for Keymer Vincent, a player only 17 years old, and already in the top 100 best chess players of the world. Let’s see a bit more about his personal life and amazing achievements in chess.

The history of Keymer Vincent

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Keymer Vincent is a German boy who was born in Mainz, a city that is highly recognized for its tournaments. Usually, you can go to chess960 tournaments in this German city, and there is a pretty high level too.

Keymer learned chess at age 5, by this time he played occasionally, and gradually he thought chess was appealing. Which took him to participate in more and more competitions, which was not difficult to find in the city he lived in.

By the age of ten, he was already becoming famous, appearing in a German magazine as the youngest chess promise of Germany. When he was simply 11 years old he showed his impressive strength in the Open Vienna Tournament.

Here is the amazing part, he finished that tournament in second place! Ahead of many experienced grandmasters, completely stunned by his play. In 2016 legendary GM Garry Kasparov referred to him as exceptional, and this was simply the beginning.

In 2017 Keymer Vincent earned his final rule to become an IM, which was really important for him to participate in more tournaments.

The other great achievement by this grandmaster is participating in the Grenke Chess Open. To everyone’s surprise, he won the tournament, and he finished ahead 49 grandmasters on the leaderboard.

This gave him the opportunity to be trained by Peter Leko, one of the best players from Hungary and the world.

Keymer Vincent’s playstyle

Keymer Vincent - Top 50 Chess Player! 4

As you can tell by actually looking at his games, he likes to have a direct approach to his game. Of course, as every grandmaster, he handles himself very well in both positional and attacking chess.

It’s difficult to tell actually if he actually prefers some of these two because when you look at his games you see both in action. We could say he has a really positional approach to his positions, he tries to never do it too complicated.

However, Keymer Vincent has come up with really crazy sacrifices in the least expected moments. This is confusing at the same time, probably as Magnus Carlsen says, preferences are weaknesses.

We will stick with the fact that he is indifferent to the position he is playing, and he adapts to whatever is on the board. To prove this point, we will review one of his most recent games against Boris Gelfand.

Interesting games by Keymer Vincent

Curious facts about Keymer Vincent

Vincent Keymer has a talent for other things, he likes music, and he plays piano. We suppose he learns from his parents, who is a concert pianist, and a music professor in a German university.

That’s not all, his mother plays the cello in an orchestra, while his sisters play both piano and cello.

Keymer Vincent is probably the best German player of the 21st century.

Keymer is one of the best players of chess, not only at the game but winning above higher-rated players.

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