Vladislav Artemiev’s Inspiring History

vladislav artemiev

Vladislav Artemiev

Studying the life of chess players can always inspire anyone, and this is not the exception. A player that has not been in everyone’s mouth, yet incredible strength has proven to be high: Vladislav Artemiev.

It looks like in this era chess prodigies are not seen the same way as before. This young man’s success is something to pay close attention to.

Vladislav Artemiev started to play chess when he was just a kid, 6 years old. His incursion to the science game was thanks to his father who taught him to play at that age.

The first time he played chess, he thought it was so boring, he just moved the board aside and went to play football. But some days later his father challenged him to play again, and this time he liked it.

The interest he showed back then for chess had to be pretty strong because he played his first tournament in 2008. A Vladislav that was just 10 years old was able to obtain a 2046 official ELO rating in his first tournament!
This was just amazing, I bet Vladislav’s parents were so thrilled with this great news, at that age is almost a chess miracle. This was surely the moment in which his parents realized how talented their son was, and started to cultivate Vladislav Artemiev’s abilities.

Now, an unmeasurably incredible and unstoppable career started for Artemiev, who was more determined and motivated than ever to progress.

From amateur to chess master in the adolescence

vladislav artemiev beginnings

He immediately started to play at the state level and gave his first steps in chess. His first chess coach was a well-acknowledged player and CM, Vladimir Alexandrovich Indykov.

In 2010 he participated in the Vorozezh Masters tournament achieving a cute point tally. He was able to defeat two International masters and got a draw against a grandmaster.

He was also able to share the first place of the Open Petrovskaya Ladya chess tournament in the same year. By 2010 he achieved his first title: FIDE master.

Vladislav Artemiev is a cold tactician in the middle-game that does not appeal to endgames, if he can finish up his rivals quickly, he won’t miss a chance.

Every time Artemiev plays in a renowned tournament he knows how to give a nice show to spectators while giving cruel treatment to his rivals in-game.

In 2011 he achieved second place in Russia’s chess championship and got his firsts IM norms.

By the ending of 2012, he surpassed the 2500 official ELO rating, and also received his IM title by FIDE. Vladislav Artemiev started to make more and more noise y the years, this set up the expectations for his chess.

The young player proved that he has even more surprises for us continuing to give incredible performances in even stronger tournaments.

Take as an example, the World Youth Stars tournament that he won with a super score of 10.5 out of 11 points. And also getting a 9.5/11 in the Gran Prix rapid games tournament.

How is Vladislav Artemiev progressing now?

vladislav artemiev tournament

Nowadays, Vladislav Artemiev is one of the best players in the world maintaining an ELO rating above 2700. He is the 30th player in the world by the FIDE ranking, and he continues to give exceptional performances in the best tournaments.

He is holding the GM title since 2014 and competes often in official FIDE competitions. He has been training with the proficient master Pavel Maletin since 2014.

In 2019 he could beat the prestigious Gibraltar tournament when he got 8.5 points out of 10. He is studying chess at the Volga sports academy in Kazan.

Playstyle of Vladislav Artemiev

This young player has a pretty unique style that is worth analyzing in solitary. You can rescue some great ideas from his games, watching him play is never boring.

He is an aggressive player for nature, tending to give anything to win the initiative. Active play is his favorite way to proceed in chess, but he has another amazing feature.

The impression is that he will never lose patience, he is very good at being a cold-blooded predator that is severe with punishments, but wise with the time attack requires.

Once you have given up the initiative to this player, you are not likely to survive more. When he achieved his 2nd GM norm at the Pavlodar Open in December 2012, he did it with style.

It was a game against the GM Alekseev, in which he performed a wild attack against Alekseev with the white pieces.


Expectations of this player

Of course, a fascinating story what we just read, we can elaborate all kinds of theories around this player. He is still young; he is surely going to show incredible mastery with super GMs in future tournaments.

He definitely showed a level of play and understanding above average, making his opponents shake with outstanding results. He could defeat masters that were above 200 ELO points over him, showing no fear.

Vladislav Artemiev looks so decided to progress and he will surely not stop right there.

This has made the controversy arise, and everyone is asking how far will this chess prodigy get. The truth is that he has a lot of fans, and has gotten a lot of attention for such outstanding performance since he was a kid.

The next Magnus Carlsen’s contender

Many support this master’s strength by stating he will beat the world champion someday. Undoubtedly, GM Vladislav Artemiev is a genius and a prodigy, who represents a promise for elite chess in the future.

But we still have to see, the heats are at the maximum here, this is the part where it gets really exciting. We can’t get other promises like GM Alireza Firuzja out of the frame, the only thing we can do, is waiting.

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