Jeffery Xiong, Remarkable top 50 chess players!


Jeffery Xiong is one of the youngest people to get the grandmaster title, which he achieved in 2014. The thing is he was 14 years old for that moment, and that was just the start of his splendid chess career.

Nowadays he is one of the best chess players in the world, a really surprising development of his chess occurred. Many people take years to achieve even the FIDE master title. He seemed to dash into getting every title, getting the FM title in 2009, the IM title in 2013, and the GM title in 2014.

That takes us to the question: How did Jeffery progress so fast in his chess? Definitely, I want to know to do it and become a grandmaster myself! Today we will go over Jeffery’s life and how he progressed with this incredible pace in chess.

This is definitely one of the most interesting cases of geniuses that have appeared lately, and we may know the reason why. From the year 2000, Internet has been growing more and more as a learning tool. This might be the reason why so many young ones are becoming incredibly strong against grandmasters.

But we will let you figure out your own conclusions, do you want to know more about Jeffery Xiong? I do!

Achievements of Jeffery Xiong

Jeffery Xiong, Remarkable top 50 chess players! 3

When Jeffery was just 15 years old he already had achieved many wins and extraordinary scores in tournaments. Once he entered the chess competitions he was all just impressing people with his great chess!

“Who is this boy?” I’m sure everyone wondered as he suddenly entered tournaments and started winning games. But how did Jeffery Xiong start playing chess? Well, he started playing at a party of one of his friends when he was 7 years old. The child was playing alone, and Jeffery thought pieces looked cool, so he went and started playing with him.  

7 years after that, he was a grandmaster with expectations to belong to one of the closest groups of the world in sports: The chess top-level grandmasters.

Probably one of the abilities that gave him his achievements was his incredible emotional control. He is always calm and focused, even in interviews, he is really controlled, actually a little cold for him.

And this is exactly what he shows in his game, complete calmness, which is an important part of the calculation, being cold. He also seems to enjoy his tournaments; he is not like many players who would be stressed over preparation.

As a fun fact on the 2021 Sinquefield cup after round 5 (where he beat Fabiano Caruana) he was asked what he was going to do that night. While 90% of chess players would answer “prepare for tomorrow” he just answered the interviewer “I’ll watch a movie”.

Jeffery Xiong’s Playstyle

As you will see in some of his games, there is something really notable about Jeffery Xiong's playstyle. He is definitely a calculator, someone who if the recognized advantage will not let you go, he calculates every move.

You will see in some of the games that we will show you the creativity and understanding that Jeffery has of the game. He can be really aggressive in some opportunities, but sometimes he can be really quiet.

He usually likes to play defensively too, especially with the black pieces, he will simply wait for its opportunity to launch an attack. Probably he does this because he knows his ability to control emotions and work under pressure.

We have seen this remarkable control of his games even against the scariest grandmasters, like Magnus or Fabiano.

A Notable game by Jeffery Xiong

Jeffery’s interesting facts

Jeffery Xiong, Remarkable top 50 chess players! 4

In 2016 Jeffery Xiong entered a list of the best chess players in the world that were less than 20 years old. The interesting fact actually should be that a list like that exists!

Also, Jeffery has one of the most monstrous and uprising progress charts that exist in the world. Being that he progressed in chess so fast that it is such a unique case.

It was Jeffery’s emotional management and mature chess that gave him the opportunity to train with the GM Garry Kasparov. It’s in the “Young promises” program that he got to be trained to Kasparov. Once Garry was interviewed by and he stated that he was proud of Xiong.

Jeffery Xiong started to appear very often in top-level chess competitions in 2019, and he had really good results. Now, for his shortage, he is in the top 100 best players of the world and with good potential to continue.

He is currently 22 years old, and is currently number 46 of the world! He still has a career in front of him, how far will he go?

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