Deac Bogdan-Daniel – Top 100 chess player!


Deac Bogdan-Daniel is one of the best players in Romania, a recent chess Prodigy who is in the top 100 best chess players. He is a GM since he was 14 years old with 7 months, an achievement not everyone can boast about.

He's the best player in Romania and the achievements of this great player are simply one of the most amazing in the world.

This is already a top-tier player, who is yet to demonstrate his power in future tournaments. For your information he is only 21 years old, what will be of this new chess generation in 10 years.

It’s a shame that most of these chess prodigies find little room on the internet, where you can’t find any information about them. That’s why today we will talk about Deac Bogdan-Daniel, a chess player like you can’t find many these days.

In 2021 we saw some excellent performance by him winning Maxime Vachier Lagrave, and almost wiping out Giri. Will Deac Bogdan-Daniel progress more and more? How far will the young Bogdan-Daniel reach?

The life of Deac Bogdan-Daniel

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Deac Bogdan-Daniel was born on October 8th, 2001, it’s a little mystery how he actually started to learn chess. All we know is that in 2014 he got his International Master title, and went on to get the GM title in 2016.

And now (2022) he's the 53th best player in the world according to FIDE.

He got the grandmaster title after participating in the Zakaros Open chess tournament, getting finally the third and final rule. Being the upcoming Graz Open Tournament the first competition where he played as a grandmaster.

In March 2018 he got to play at the Individual Chess European Championship, a really tough competition. Bogdan-Daniel finished in 96th place, ending up with 6 points out of 11, but also increasing his ELO.

Deac Bogdan-Daniel has been collecting achievements and improving slowly but surely. Also, we saw a decent performance by him in the Superbet Chess Classic 2021, where he played against really tough masters.

His games were really interesting, with no fear as expected from a grandmaster, and showed really creative ideas.

Playstyle of Deac Bogdan-Daniel

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We have seen different games by Deac Bogdan-Daniel, and we can see he has a very particular way to play. He likes to bring up different creative moves in the opening, so he has a position his opponent is not ready for.

After some interviews, some people have had with him we know he likes to surprise their opponents. Bogdan prepared the Ruy Lopez against some grandmasters he was playing, and he got asked by the interviewer: “Did you prepare for your opponent?” while he answered, “yes, I prepared the Ruy Lopez, I never play the Ruy Lopez”.

So, you will find him playing novelties many times, don’t be surprised by Deac Bogdan-Daniel's surprise.

It’s always difficult to enclose a grandmaster in a playstyle when grandmasters can be so multi-playstyles. But if there is something that characterizes Deac’s playstyle is the prophylaxis, he plays as his opponent requires to be played. 

He is excellent at defense, he is cold, and calculates very well, Deac is a player that controls his emotions. And this is probably one of the characteristics that actually gave him the position he has right now.

Take into consideration that he was attacked by GM Anish Giri in a recent game in the Superbet Chess Classic. He defended as he could, and was excellent at predicting the plans of his opponent, something we see in every game produced by him.

Interesting games by Deac Bogdan-Daniel

Curious facts about Bogdan-Daniel

You will find practically no information at all about Deac Bogdan-Daniel online, although he is becoming a celebrity. The past year in the Grand Chess Tour Deac was actually giving away his firm!

If you didn’t get it that’s totally fine, make sure to assist with one of the upcoming events and get one yourself.

Deac Bogdan-Daniel is currently the 60th best player in the world according to FIDE, and his rating is 2679.

He is one of the few Romanian players at the top chess level currently.

He played one game against grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura while he was living, and won! You can check out that game on the platform, or at Hikaru’s channel.

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