Zhu Jiner, WGM and Top 100 of the world!

zhu jiner

Zhu Jiner is a Chinese WGM, a talented girl who has been the World Youth Chess Champion in 2017. But that was not her start in chess, of course, she has been playing a lot more than that.

Little information is found about her on the net, but what you do know is that she started to pick everyone’s attention since that tournament. After the World Youth Championships, she earned the possibility to play in the Women’s World Chess Championships.

The same year she got her WIM FIDE title and started her career as a chess player. She has won some important chess players all around the world, and Zhu Jiner has shown an incredible performance in top-quality chess.

Maybe you can’t find so much personal information about her, but you sure can find her chess games. Today, we will study some of them, and we will see the incredible strength she has for dominating her opponents.

We can analyze important details of her game that will make you feel the uniqueness and specialty of her play. Zhu Jiner sure is a special chess player, someone who we would like to have more information about to understand her progression better.

Zhu Jiner’s playstyle

If something we can say about Zhu Jiner’s playstyle is that sure she knows how to make people's mistakes. The interesting fact about her games is that she is always tempting her opponent, and most of the time falls.

She knows how to play patiently, she is actually a very solid kind of player, which makes her difficult to beat. But Zhu Jiner knows when the moment is coming, and with a bunch of quiet moves, she is suddenly attacking.

It’s a very particular, yet effective playstyle, which took her to where she is right now. We will take a look at some of her best games, and the way he likes to play in specific positions.

Although, we could say she tries to avoid tactics at all costs and usually likes to go for an endgame in most games. This doesn’t mean she will lose the opportunity to checkmate the king if you are not aware.

But still, she is not an aggressive kind of player, and she prefers to exploit little advantages slowly but surely. Some of her most incredible wins have been like that, a very meticulous stroke to the opponent’s position.

Now, let us have a look at the game so you can make your own conclusions about Zhu Jiner’s playstyle.

Interesting games by Zhu Jiner

Now, another game where the WGM Zhu Jiner shows us how to defend against the Spanish opening.

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