What is the most accurate chess game? Undeniable


Accuracy in chess is something that we all try to achieve but requires a lot of practice. However, the million-dollar question is what is the most accurate chess game ever played? This question is incredibly interesting, and it’s worth analyzing this game.

Before we reveal what is the most accurate chess game in the world, we will explain some important basics. You may find it interesting as to improve your chess, or even for general culture. But every chess player needs to know how the “accuracy” is measured in the chess game.

The origins of the term “Accuracy” in chess

What is the most accurate chess game? Undeniable 3

The accuracy in chess is something that came with the machines in chess. It was “Deep Blue” the first supercomputer created with the only purpose to play chess, it was ridiculously strong.

For the time, Deep Blue was tested against who probably is the best chess player in history, Garry Kasparov. Kasparov stated that the machine, although it was strong, it was “as intelligent as your alarm clock”.

However, Depp Blue became the first chess computer in the world to win a game against a world champion. That’s where machines started to get attention for chess purposes.

Nowadays, with different chess computers and engines that exist, machines advanced a lot more. A chess engine like “Stockfish 14” (the latest of the moment) could easily beat any grandmaster.

And of course, over the years, people realized that machines simply were better at chess than humans. This is the reason why, by logic, chess players started to imitate chess machines.

They were after that “Precision” the engine has, that difficulty to play better than the machines. That is exactly what we are looking at these days, that’s why now chess games are measured in “Accuracy”.

What is the accuracy in chess?

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The accuracy is the score you get after you play a game, it is a feature first started by Chess.com. Your games are analyzed by the machines, and after the analysis, the engine determines the percentage of accuracy of your game.

Which determines how precisely and accurately you play the game, meaning how good you played. However, the metrics of the machines are so different from humans, so sometimes the machine says nonsense.

And that is because the machine determines a good or brilliant move according to the numbers. How much advantage one obtains from a determinate move, the machine is not capable of comprehending the concept of “proactivity”.

For example, if you have a difficult closed position with an extra bishop, but there is no clear way to breakthrough you may sacrifice the material. In terms of human chess, that seems like a very logical thing to do, but probably the machine will say it is a blunder.

Capablanca used to say “the best way is the easiest”, in human chess, that is excellent. However, Stockfish would say “the best way is the way that takes a calculation of 42 moves ahead combination that wins the game.

Of course, that will be the best for a chess engine that calculates thousands of moves in seconds, but for a human is different. So, you should not take what the chess machines say for granted.

How is the “Accuracy” measured in today’s games?

You can see how accurate your games are by using an engine online, or a program like Fritz. Having that, you can perfectly use an engine like Komodo or Stockfish to determine how accurate you were.

In terms of accuracy, usually, people get from 50% to 95% accuracy at the very best levels. If you see a player online with 98% accuracy there are two options, that player is Magnus Carlsen, or is cheating!

The computer measures how accurate you were in terms of its opinion, like “if you play like me you are accurate”. That’s why if you use different engines to measure accuracy, you may get different results.

What is the most accurate chess game ever?

The most accurate chess game ever played until now 2022, is game three of the world chess championship in 2021. It was a game between GM Magnus Carlsen defending his title, and the challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi!

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