Shant Sargsyan, Revolutionary Top 50 in the WORLD!


Shant Sargsyan is a chess player who just entered the top 10 best chess junior players on the FIDE official list. Shant is definitely an incredible chess player, and one of the new talents that we have seen from this generation.

He is also the U16 world chess champion, and he has won the silver medals in other world championships. He is from Armenia, and he is also one of the best in that country, are you ready to know how he started in chess?

He became a candidate Master in 2010, and he started a great journey to learn chess, so he got his IM title in 2017. He has developed a beautiful passion for chess that has taken him so far to the top.

A brilliant chess player who is showing he will be an important part of the new chess generation. You can see the dedication and excellent thinking in his head by looking at his games, he is a different player.

With his abilities, he is very likely to beat other masters his age, you will see what we are referring to in a second. If you don’t know the grandmaster Shant Sargsyan yet, make sure you read this post until the end, you have to know him.

Shant Sargsyan’s Playstyle

Shant Sargsyan, Revolutionary Top 50 in the WORLD! 2

Unlike other contemporary players like him, he loves defensive positions, and he knows how to do it incredibly well. This master is 20 years old, we all know that most players around that age like to attack, and it is normal.

It’s the phase youngest chess players undergo, like Magnus Carlsen for example, who was a very aggressive player. Today he still is, but you see that is not all he cares about like in the old days, his chess evolved.

This is what makes grandmaster Shant Sargsyan special, is he advanced for his age?

We will show you incredible games by grandmaster Shant Sargsyan where he showed exceptional prophylaxis. There are some moves that make it look as if he is losing when in reality everything is calculated.

Defending in chess requires incredible effort and even more calculation than what you require when you are attacking. Take into account that if you are attacking and you miscalculate, you might end up in an equal or slightly bad endgame.

However, if you are defending and you miscalculate, that could be the end of the game in an instant. Let’s see grandmaster Shant Sargsyan show us the technique in these aspects.

Interesting games by Shant Sargsyan

Now, we will show you another of grandmaster Shant Sagsyan’s most amazing games:

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