Nihal Sarin, Top 100 player!!

Nihal sarin

Sure this is one of the most interesting players to talk about, and this sure was a genius that learned chess. Nihal Sarin is among the top 100 best chess players in the world, and he is only 17 years old.

This is the fourth player in history to achieve the GM title at age 14 and is an excellent student too. He has encountered some of the best chess players in the world and still has a good performance against them.

Probably his most amazing success and the event that draw attention to him was the 2019 World Chess Championship. However, you will notice this player was not talented in chess, more like a genius who learned chess.

He is also very famous for how fast he is at the blitz, he sure has fast hands, and that has granted a lot of wins. Interestingly, he isn’t even 18 years old, and he has taken his chess so far, how strong will Nihal Sarin be at age 30?

That’s what we will talk about in this article, and you will learn one of the most impressive stories of chess players.

How Nihal started and progressed his chess?

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Nihal Sarin first started to play chess when he was 6 years old, his father taught him the first rules of the game. He was born in 2004 in India, his father is a professional dermatologist, and his mother is psychiatric.

Remember that we stated he was more a “genius who learned chess” rather than a “genius of chess”? The reason is he was excellent in the school, he could recognize 100 countries’ flags and capital when he was 3 years old.

He has an incredible memory, and this was shown over the years by multiple times stunning his teachers and friends. When he entered kindergarten he was able to speak English fluently, simply stunning.

When he was 6 he went on school vacations, and his father taught him chess so he wouldn’t get bored during vacations. How simple as it is, that’s how Nihal sarin’s chess career started.

After that, he started taking chess lessons every week with a coach at his school and learned more about the game. After some time, they asked this same chess coach Mathew P. Joseph Pottoore to give Nihal Sarin more chess lessons.

He started progressing slowly but surely and started to go to the competition, drawing attention for his great success.

By the time he was 9 years old, he won the world chess blitz championship in the U-10 category. And he also won the World Youth Chess Championship in the U-10 category, which was his first great competition.

This win came with the CM title given by FIDE, and the opportunity to climb up to more demanding competitions.

Nihal Sarin Playstyle

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As Nihal Sarin has pointed out in interviews, he is thrilled by the game of the fourth world chess champion Alexander Alekhine. He talks about how incredible his attack style was, and that is something expectable.

Being Nihal Sarin a young chess player, most of the players his age simply like to attack and calculate combinations. This is not meant to underestimate Nihal’s incredible positional capabilities, but he is thrilled by attacking.

However, as we always say when talking about these young grandmasters, they haven’t defined their playstyles. This means that there is a lot to see until we can start talking about playstyle.

What he has shown for sure in his games is excelling tactical vision and a deep understanding of chess calculation. This is why, if you give Nihal Sarin a chance to start a combination, you can be sure you will lose.

Interesting games by Nihal Sarin

Curious facts about Nihal Sarin

Nihal Sarin is the player who has had the most shocking stats in chess in quite some time of history. In 2017 he was able to gain 192 points to his rating, and win several players from the “club of 2600”. Even The ex-world chess champion Viswanathan Anand recognized his remarkable focus and talent.

Although Nihal Sarin recognizes and states he likes the Alexander Alekhine games, he also stated chess can’t be played like that anymore. For the existence of computers, you can’t attack chess the way those masters did.

Many fans speculate Nihal Sarin will be playing for the world title very soon, but with all the chess promises recently, you never know. Do you think Nihal Sarin could someday win the world chess championship?

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