Lenier Dominguez, special Top 100 player!


Lenier Dominguez is one of the best chess players in the world, and the best from Latin America in actuality. She plays for the U.S federation right now, but he is originally from Cuba.

It’s a not very renowned player, but still is one that holds one of the highest ratings on FIDE now. He was the first and unique South American player in surpassing the 2700 ELO rating barrier.

People compare it to Jose Raul Capablanca as he has a similar style to the ex-world chess champion. He is also a chess coach and has prepared numerous classes and series to help you learn chess.

You can visit Lenier Dominguez’s official website by clicking here, where you can review his games commented by himself. He has participated in many tournaments, having excellent results against the best chess players in the world.

Sadly, as chess is not a game too commercial, these wins don’t reach the mainstream so everyone knows about it. That’s why today we are making a post about the fantastic Cuban grandmaster Lenier Dominguez.

The Cuban who played in memory of the champion Jose Raul Capablanca and teaches chess!

Lenier Dominguez’s chess career

Lenier Dominguez, special Top 100 player! 3

Lenier Dominguez is one of the oldest players in the field, he is a grandmaster since 2001. This means anyone playing Lenier Dominguez right now, is playing a chess grandmaster with more than 20 years of experience.

Lenier Dominguez played in the Spanish Club Championships where he faced some of the best Spanish players. He finished with 5 points out of six possible, drawing against the super-strong grandmaster Ruslan Ponomariov.

He played and got a good result in the “Mind Games” from Pekin, China. In a grandmasters’ blindfold chess tournament, he played Mamedyarov and Ponomariov in this tournament.

Lenier Dominguez won the 2013 Grand Prix FIDE tournament ahead of players like Fabiano Caruana and Veselin Topalov. One of the greatest wins by the grandmaster, proving that he was still a dangerous player.

Other tournaments where Lenier Dominguez achieved good scores were Saint Louis Blitz, 2017, 2017 Grand Prix, 2019 U.S. Championship, and Russian Team Championship 2019.

Finally, he was one of the main collaborators to prepare GM Fabiano Caruana for the match for the world champion title. This match was played in 2018 and Magnus Carlsen resulted in the winner in the end.

The playstyle of Lenier Dominguez

Lenier Dominguez, special Top 100 player! 4

His style is similar to the one shown by Jose Raul Capablanca, very positional and quiet to prepare for. However, it is improved with today’s chess dynamics, combining positional understanding with excellent technique.

Lenier Dominguez is a specialist for the attack, knows how to prepare the forces for it, and finds the blows at the right moment. The creativeness of this player is off-limits, and I think that’s the result of pure calculation.

Watching Lenier Dominguez play is always instructive, as Lenier has that slow style, but not necessarily passive. His games are excellent examples to show how an attack should be conducted for victory.

Probably what gave him all the success he has is his amazing ability for evaluating the position the right way. Determination of an essential characteristic of the position being stronger or not than others is difficult.

Gladly for us, he seems to be an expert at that, and we will see in the following games by GM Lenier Dominguez.

Lenier Dominguez’s best games

Here is one of his most amazing games against the pupil of the legendary IM Mark Dvoretsky, GM Artur Yusupov.

Now, another intense game against another one of today’s best players in the world, GM Alexander Morozevich.

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