The Best Ways To Learn Chess For Free

learn chess online for free

5 Ideas to learn chess online for free all by yourself

Nowadays the internet is full of resources you can use to nurture your knowledge to learn chess online for free. Ideas to learn chess online for free there are a lot, you can become a grandmaster without a coach these days.

You just need the correct method to organize and structure all of the information there is on the internet. Here we have some practical ideas you can use to improve in chess online without a coach for free.

However, remember that learning chess online for free is possible, yet, it requires effort and discipline like any sport.

Download chess books

learn chess online for free win

This is one of the best ways to get the information flowing, there are millions of chess books you can get online for free. Reading a chess book is a good way to get the information going and learning concepts to learn chess online.

Most of the chess books you find online have interactive content and they come with practical examples. The key here is that you study every game with a physical chessboard.

You will get a lot out of this simple practice if you do it correctly to learn chess online for free, also there are different methods to study the books. There are platforms like chess24 that offer a book reader, and you can practice the positions in the web’s chessboard if you like.

The best would be to download one book for every aspect of your game you want to improve, like endgames, tactics, combinations, calculation, and others.

Chess books will always be the best option to learn the chess theoretical concepts. For example, to learn how to play with space disadvantage or how to convert the advantage.

These are purely practical chess knowledge that chess books treat amazingly, and I think they are the best option.

Use different chess platforms

learn chess online for free chessboard

Many chess websites offer incredible tools for free, you would be surprised with the quantity. Some webs offer free databases, free tactical chess problems, free analysis, and more.

Usually, people restrict themselves to use just one website, but there are a lot, you can use a web to play, other to tactics, and so on.

We could say, for example, you use the drills in to practice the endgame, but the tactics trainer of

This way you get an amazing amount of information from different sites, and you don’t confine your training. Try to seize every tool they offer for free, you can even spend a little if you feel like it.

Learning chess online for free can be also done by taking free courses. Sometimes is not much, but usually, chess sites offer free classes or resources that you can use or even free trials.

You need to learn how to seize everything that comes, especially if you don’t have money to spend on your training.

Download an analysis engine

learn chess online for free analyze

This is a pretty important part to learn chess online for free, a chess engine will always be your best friend. A common practice of amateur chess players is to analyze their games looking for errors and mistakes they can fix.

This will improve your chess skills a lot because you identify where are your weak spots and you directly attack them. To really improve in chess is not becoming “better” is to eliminate your weaknesses.

But, how can you analyze your games when most of the chess engines are paid online? There is a good option, there is a program called arena which you can download for free.

The process is easy and you just have to download a chess engine (Stockfish 8 is everyone’s favorite) and install it with the program. This way you can have a chess engine completely free and analyze your games with the same engine best players in the world use.

The usage of chess engines is really common by every user on the internet and is key to learn chess online for free.

Watch videos 

This is the funniest and one of the most effective ways to learn chess online for free, chess videos on the internet. There is a vast amount of content online, and watching audiovisual material is always more stimulating.

Remember, YouTube is your best friend here, you can find simple videos offering really good content. Even some serious chess clubs offer a “little peak” to their pro lectures on the clubs on YouTube about openings or chess strategy.

I would say without hesitation that the chess videos you can find on YouTube are at the level of any professional chess class. The only thing you have to do, as always, is knowing how to select good content, something nurturing to your chess.

But you have to be critical and know how to interpret the content, remember there isn’t a chess coach to guide you.

Play online!

learn chess online for free king

Practice is the only thing that will make you become a master, there is a lot of platforms to learn chess online for free. The favorite has always been, but other options are worth checking out.

Playing online is simply one of the best ways to learn chess online for free, you will learn a lot. And if you combine these online games with the analysis, you can be sure you will improve fast.

Another great option that chess online platforms offer is that you can play tournaments and different modes. Participating in chess tournaments online will give you a glance at your level, and you will test your strength.

Challenge yourself, participate in a tournament having as a goal to be at least in the first three places. This is a great practice, this is one of the best and most incredible features, playing online and being able to have a rating.

Remember you can always improve and learn chess online for free, you just need the indicated method

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