The Definitive Response to The Question: Is Chess a Sport?

is chess a sport

Is chess a sport?

There has always been a huge controversy around this simple question: Is chess a sport or not?

The reason for the discussion is clear, the thing is that chess does not involve physical extortion (partly true). I think it is a very interesting question to make and is a little confusing to answer as well.

We are going to analyze the game and finally, I will let YOU decide the conclusion of this debate and finally answer the question is chess a sport once for all.

Whether you are a chess player or not, I’m pretty sure you will find this article pretty exciting. Or, at least, you will learn one secret or two about chess (I’m sure I will surprise you).

So, let’s start by defining what a sport is… Done? I got to the following conclusion out of the quick research of the definition of sport:

Is chess a sport? Technically it is not a sport… But it is a sport at the same time

is chess a sport football

There are many definitions with slight differences, yet, all of the definitions you can find agree on two key points:

  1. It is an activity involving physical effort and skills of athletic nature that require to stress your body showing strength, agility, and others.
  2. It is a game of the competitive type in which you will participate not just for fun, but making a serious effort to measure skills and win a prize or title.

Chess accomplishes one of those two “requirements” to be a sport following the official definitions you can find on the Internet.

Chess has an extremely competitive nature, rivalry and competitiveness have always been inside of the chess frame. There are tough and strong competitions over-analyzing and getting better at chess by adding more knowledge to the chess player.

Playing a chess game can be incredibly exhausting and stressful at the tournament level, which is the competition level.

On the other hand, chess is a game that does not include physical extortion and movement of any nature. So it’s fair to say that chess doesn’t directly include any physical effort to play, but it does in the training.

For those who don’t know, physical effort and chess take each other by hands. At the top level having a good physical condition is key to have your chess in a good condition too.

chess competition

To put it in simple words, the reason for this is that physical status will affect your brain performance. This is why professional chess players will need to have physical preparation along with regular chess training.

GM Magnus Carlsen is the chess world champion, he has been playing chess his entire life, and he was also the captain of his football team when he was young.

So, chess meets both characteristics in its whole nature but not completely. Chess is so competitive but it doesn’t directly involve physical effort, although it is part of the correct methodology of an elite chess player.

Is chess a sport? From my perspective, we have won 7.5 points out of 10 in favor of the argument that chess is a sport, or probably chess is 75% sport?

5 reasons why it can be considered as a sport

is chess a sport magnus carlsen

Various points aim at chess as a sport, they can be interpreted the way you want. The thing is that you definitely start seeing chess differently when you start to play it.

The chess you used to play with your father and familiars sometimes joking around sitting on the couch is nothing compared to tournament chess, that's probably why you wonder is chess a sport?

Not everyone is a tournament chess player, which is natural because obviously, not everyone likes chess. So we will try to give you a glance explaining how competitive chess is the best way we can.

  1. Actually, chess needs physical preparation, if your body is not in good condition your brain either. You can find many chess players talking about how chess will require them to have certain physical skills.
  2. Chess is incredibly competitive, it may seem like a quiet game with slow development, but ohhhh no baby.

Chess can get pretty tough and competitive, personally, playing against a rival that you lost with is very intense. Losing in chess can be really hard, it is a pretty personal experience and the emotions are intense, just like in any other sport.

  1. Another important aspect of chess is sportsmanship and the education of the chess player. It is important to shake hands with your opponent before and after the game. Also, moving the pieces correctly makes the difference between chess players, this is known as etiquette.
  2. Chess can inspire people and nations, this is the soul of every sport, isn’t it? The passion, the result of the effort the thirst for victory, and pride are the most thrilling sentiments.
  3. Finally, and the most technical point, is that although it doesn’t fit with the definition of sport, chess has been recognized as an “Olympic-Sport by The International Olympic Committee.

Everything depends on the perspective

At the end of the day, everything will depend on your point of view and what you think about all of this. The discussion is open, there are people who think that chess is a sport, others don’t. So is chess a sport?

I personally think that chess IS a sport, especially because of its competitiveness and the intense feelings of the tournaments. And if you think that the physical factor is necessary to start considering chess as a sport you should check out Giant bullet chess.

It is chess but in enormous proportions! You have to run around to move your own pieces and hit the clock!

If chess was not really a sport then the creators of the giant chess turned it into a really intense physical and psychological battle!

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you found some of this content useful, or at least a little entertaining, and that you learn something.

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