Hans Moke Niemann, Top 100 chess player!


Hans Moke Niemann is a very Young chess player who escalated quickly in the FIDE leaderboard. He is one of the best chess players in the world, he is among the top 20 best young players.

He is also a chess streamer and content creator with a great sense of humor that will make you enjoy chess a lot. You can see some hilarious content on YouTube, and you can also learn from it.

We could say he is already part of the chess top level, and he will be teaching you the best he can. It’s nice to see that he is one of the most proficient chess players in the U.S and still a pretty extrovert boy!

He has also amazed the world with his performance, he has beaten many grandmasters like Magnus Carlsen and Caruana in rated events. He is also a relatively new grandmaster, he just earned his title in 2021.

But his strength is not to doubt, what can we expect from Hans Moke Niemann? Is this just the beginning of his amazing career as a chess player?

Hans Moke Niemann’s progression in chess


Hans Moke Niemann was a regular boy with a family from Denmark, that’s why he has such a luxurious name. Also, he attended Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School a school where chess is a common game to practice.

That’s probably where he realized he loved chess and started to study it by himself, a self-taught player! He wasn’t even 10 years old when he got an invitation to play at Dutch National Youth Chess Championship.

And once again, before surpassing the 10 years his rating was superior to 1900, which got him an invitation to the St Louis chess club. We could say his first great win was in 2014 the Mechanics’ Institute Chess Club Tuesday Night Marathon.

This is one of the oldest and most recognized chess clubs in the entire U.S, so this win got him the USCF master title. Once he had this title he had gained more recognition, he went to the World Youth Chess Championships 2014 in the U12 category.

That’s how Hans Moke Niemann started to gather more and more success. He became part of the U.S chess team, competed in different competitions of high-level, and played rated games against GMs.

Slowly but surely made its way into the player we know today, an 18-year-old grandmaster with a brilliant future in chess.

Hans Moke Niemann Playstyle

We could say he is the methodical type of player, although we know that there is still a lot to shape his game. Despite that, Hans Moke Niemann is already at one of the highest levels of play, and he has shown many different ways to play.

He seems to prepare himself very well for his openings, but also likes to play slowly by nature. This is not the type of player that will risk an advantage to go after your king like crazy, he likes to wait for the opportunity.

If you review some of his games you will see that he is a very quiet kind of chess player and that he takes his time. Usually plays very solid systems like the Catalan or Queen’s gambit, developing first and going step by step.

He will look for the only imperfection your position has, and look for a way to exploit it. Once he has a positional advantage, he will use his very sharp technique to finish off the game. It’s impressive for a self-taught player, although he had some help from masters at the St Louis club.

Hans Moke Niemann’s best game (Plays Andrea Botez for a date)

Hans Moke Niemann, Top 100 chess player! 3

This is probably the best of his game, not too much because of the brilliancy of his play (which was present). But also the funny thing is, he challenged IM Andrea Botez for a date, a match that unfortunately he lost…

That’s why, we will honor the memory of a fallen soldier, recapitulating one of his most awesome games of this match. It was a 3 minutes blitz match, with no increment on the clock. You can watch the whole Botez's date Challengers match here!

Interesting facts about Niemann

Although he is just 18 years old, he is one great master of course, but also we could say an internet star. He has been commenting on numerous events on chess.com along with many other masters.

As you can see, he arranges some fun content with the Botez Sisters, GM Nakamura, and other chess streamers. He started streaming in 2018 or maybe even before, but his streams didn’t have much public.

But then, he started streaming more and more in 2020 during the pandemic, but with a lot more frequency. Now he streamed daily, which got him to become a successful streamer on Twitch.

That got him so far now he can work with other chess masters with years of experience creating content. We all feel so happy about Hand Moke Niemann, the chess master who is excellent at the game, and enjoys as much!

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