What are the Most Convenient Chessboard Dimensions?

chessboard dimensions squares

The chessboard dimensions

There is something important that affects the people who play chess, the chessboard dimensions. The size of the chessboard and the dimensions it generally can make it uncomfortable to play with.

I have seen people who would lose focus because they are thinking about these little things. It definitely can affect the motivation and concentration of the chess player.

There is something important about these details, when you have a whole chess set you feel comfortable with it can be relaxing. So it can be important for you to feel good with your chessboard dimensions.

Even the pieces can have some effects on your performance in tournaments or simply studying. That is one of the reasons in FIDE tournaments you will see the best quality chess boards and also for the beautiful look of course.

I personally encourage you the chess set with the dimensions that you like just to feel more comfortable. I can assure you that when you do it you will feel a lot better and you will improve in performance as well.

We will discuss today the importance of the chessboard dimensions that you play on.

Different chessboard dimensions

chessboard dimensions size
chessboard dimensions size

Before fully getting into the topic you need to understand the importance of it. There are many types of the chessboard, we have already talked about them in many articles.

You have to consider three important aspects before going on and buying a chessboard on Amazon or chesshouse.com.

The colors of the chessboard are some things that you can probably not like and it was an investment of time and effort that you will not be happy with.

The types of pieces and sizes, this is important you may not like the look of your pieces. The importance of this is really zero, yet, your comfortability IS important to study or play.

Changing or maybe cleaning the pieces once in a while won’t hurt anyone, and will motivate you to study.

The chessboard dimensions, the whole center of the article, there are many different dimensions a chessboard can have. Depending on the inches the chessboard has, it will also define how big your pieces can be.

The dimensions of your chessboard can be something important, a small chessboard can be kind of awkward and boring. While a big chessboard dimension and big pieces can be more comfortable and good playing.

The different types of a chessboard

chessboard dimensions pieces

You have to know that the chessboard has numerous types, forms, sizes, and shapes, including the pieces. There are travel chessboards and professional ones with fancy chessboard dimensions.

The professional chess sets have pretty specific sizes and forms, the chessboard dimensions, and pieces have to meet requirements to be used in tournaments.

The recommended size of the square following FIDE requirements is 5cm and the recommended height of the king is 9.5cm. This means that the whole chessboard needs to be at least 40cm.

When actually they are bigger, but it will all depend on your personal likings. I think that the bigger the board the better the playing experience because you have more space.

The space between the pieces and the chessboard itself comes when you want to move the pieces. When you want to move around the pieces the last thing you want to happen is to knock over a piece.

Here also comes into play the weight of the piece and how tall and wide the pieces are. This is what matters when you want to play chess, especially in the blitz, where you can lose time while knocking the pieces over.

The chessboard dimensions and other factors

chessboard dimensions gold

The chessboard is not the only thing that influences the chess set dimensions and forms. The types of pieces and also the size of them will affect the comfort that you have when playing.

The form and shape of the chess piece will also influence your experience and your focus. Some people might even get dizzy when looking at the chessboard with bigger squares.

The perfect relationship in size of the squares and pieces is the following. The piece should fill 80% of the square, leaving some space between pieces to make the movement comfortable.

The other case would be the pieces being too big and the chessboard too small. In this case, you can even lose the track of the pieces and lose a piece.

The key point is that you need to be comfortable with your pieces and chessboard dimensions to increase effectiveness. It is the same principle as cleaning your space and decluttering the room where you work.

Remember one of the keys to improving your time of study is to improve your environment. These may seem simple tips weird or unimportant but they have a strong effect, you should try them out.

Why the dimensions of the chessboard are so Important?

chessboard dimensions chess set

Having the chessboard with the correct dimensions can be completely beneficial for your chess and good for your training. And also to improve your playing experience and skill.

Get the correct chess board dimensions, you can look it up on google or simply use the dimensions you think work best for you. There is also a good exercise you can do to know if your chessboard has a healthy relationship with the pieces.

Some many proportions and sizes influence here, but get yourself a chessboard of the size you like and two pieces. You need to place the maximum number of pieces you can in one square.

If you can put four pieces inside of one square it means it is too big for the piece’s size. But if you can place two pieces inside of one square, means you are ok, yet still not good.

Finally, when you place one piece inside of a square leaving little space then you are ready to go.

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