Master The Chess Queen Placement!

chess queen placement

The chess queen placement

Many people don’t know how to play with the chess queen, beat their opponents by applying the fundamental rules. The queen is the soul of your attacks, it must always be active, you need to know the correct chess queen placement.

Even strong chess players sometimes fail at placing the queen correctly over the board, apart from essential rules. The queen is a greatly important attacking piece, it’s the piece that gives most of the dynamics to the game.

If you know how to place your queen on the board you will have positionally correct positions. The thing with the queen is that its importance is what makes it so vulnerable to minor pieces’ attacks.

You can't afford to lose your queen so every time it gets attacked is almost like a check, you are forced to move the queen. So having the queen too exposed on the battlefield is no good, because allows your opponent to win tempos.

Don’t think that rule applies just in the opening, you can get your queen trapped too!

The correct chess queen placement

chess queen placement black

To explain this, we should start with the basic positional rules of the chess queen placement in general. We’ll treat the functioning of the queen in the three phases of the game, so you have a clear idea of the queen’s role:

Opening: The queen must not get out in the battle too early in the opening, this can easily give a development advantage to your opponent. There is an opening theory that ignores this rule, but this theory is researched and well calculated, they are exceptions.

But if you have nothing prepared, the best you can do is simply follow the general rules, and play your queen cautiously in the opening.

Middle-game: Here is where the queen’s power goes out, you need to find that special square that your queen is effective the most. You have to treat it like any other piece of the board, imagine what would be the best square. It would be where it established threats the most, where teases your opponent the most.

Endgame: Queens in the endgame are especially dangerous, and the chess queen placement becomes trickier. The queen vs queen endgames will normally end up in a draw, but things become sharp if there is another piece.

It becomes a battle to control more and more squares, normally, the most centralized queen will have the upper hand.

Why is the queen the most powerful piece?

chess queen placement king

This piece is the most aggressive, and the chess queen placement is an important positional concept to have an attack. The queen controls a ridiculous number of squares, which allows her to create many tactical motives.

The queen can become extremely dangerous when combined with any other piece. If the queen surpasses the king’s castle it can be enough to win the game or at least achieve a decisive advantage.

The queen can control 27 squares simultaneously, and chances are always the queen gets a double attack check or anything. There are other formations like the bishop and queen battery, of the queen and knight combinations.

All of them are so dangerous people will even sacrifice pieces to get said combinations against the enemy king. The thing is that the queen is so dynamic, you can move it from one side to the board to the other so quickly.

So the queen has a great presence on the board, which allows her to attack everywhere simultaneously. The correct chess queen placement involves the domination of many squares and putting pressure on many weak points at the same time.

Can you have two queens in chess?

chess queen placement white
chess queen placement white

When the game starts you have one queen, and there is the possibility you might end up having two, or three! You can have all of the queens you want, there is no rule in chess against the presence of various queens on the board.

However, is not common to see a game in which the conditions were given to see two queens in action. But we can put as an example, a legendary game between Alexander Alekhine and an unknown player.

The thing is that you can see five queens on the board at once in this game! It’s absolute madness, but actually pretty interesting to watch.

You can have two queens on the board but is something you will rarely see, and you need to be playing a pretty aggressive player. And also be an aggressive kind of player yourself.

When the players are fighting to get the advantage anything can happen, if you want to have games like this you have to be brave. It’s pretty interesting how we can see chess positions that seem unfamiliar for us, despite this game having existed for more than 2000 years.

If you have a game with five queens, you will have a good time calculating!

The pawns’ promotion to queen

in chess can a king kill a king safety

Many people don’t know what is the chess queen placement after the promotion of a pawn. The truth is, the pawn remains in the same square as it has become a queen until the next turn.

Promotion is a very important factor in the chess game, and it gives a more dynamic nature to chess. If you want to learn how to position your pieces better in general, I recommend you play chess variations.

Playing chess variations will ensure you have a better understanding of the game, it will oblige you to think outside the box. It will give you completely different positions, and this will turn on your creativeness, and help you.

For example, the chess queen placement in bughouse chess will be a lot difficult (variations in which you can place pieces wherever you like). You will surely have a good time playing bughouse chess, and you will master the chess queen placement.

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