Which Is The Best Chess App?

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How to choose the best chess app?

It’s not easy to find the best chess app, there are many options and none seem to be the best for us. Is necessary to know what we want to spot the best option, and best, not always means the most expensive or most beautiful.

The best chess app must offer a great playing experience, good servers, and resources to play chess. And all of the features you prefer, of course, there are functions a website has and we don’t use.

You should evaluate, what do you want? What does a chess app need to be the best chess app?

Start by considering the different options there are, here you will find a list of the best chess apps for you. Comfort is the most important, the apps listed on this post are intended for a different public.

Maybe you want to become a chess professional, or simply enjoy a good game of chess with a good cup of coffee. These apps will help you improve your skills, enjoy chess better, and be more practical.

What are the different apps?

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There many types of chess apps, chess tactics apps, chess strategic concepts, to play chess online, or to study openings. All of them are useful, but they may not be what you are looking for.

Here you have three excellent chess apps with different purposes:

Play Magnus is a famous chess app created by chess world champion Magnus Carlsen. It offers you a chess engine to play against you, with a playstyle similar to the real Carlsen, and it has a pretty competitive nature. Perfect to train your chess against the machine, is fun and practical to have a game anywhere.

Total chess endgames present a chess endgames course on your smartphone. The course was made by the GM Alexander Panchenko, is completely free and the content has the best of qualities. The best chess app to learn your endgames or quick consults to the theory.

Really bad chess If you feel like a nerd always playing regular chess, this app is for you. The app allows you to play a wacky variation of chess, in which the pieces have different positions. The challenge is to play the engine to win the position you are given, but man, that is crazy!

The best chess app to play online

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To play chess online the best chess app is difficult to choose, you have several options, lichess.org, chess.com, chessKid, and more. All of them are worth checking out, but we will go over the strong points of each app.

Chess.com gives you access to the chess.com portal from your smartphone with special interfaces. This web is the biggest chess community in the world and is one of the most complete websites there are. It offers an immense amount of content and tools useful for training, for example, chess analysis board, tactics trainer, lessons, free tournaments, and more. However, you have to pay to unlock all its features.

Lichess.org It’s the second-best option behind chess.com, it doesn’t offer as much as chess.com does, however, here is the key: Everything is free. Lichess also has chess lessons from masters, tournaments, and most of the things chess.com offers. Only that you don’t pay for it.

SocialChess is another more relaxed chess app, not intended for those who are seriously into chess as a competitive game, but for the ones who simply enjoy it. You don’t get bothered with functions like analysis boards, tactics, strategy concepts, and etcetera, simply play the game. It’s quick, simple, and easy to use.

Different kinds of chess apps

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Now, there are more chess apps not especially for playing online or improving, fun chess apps can help you improve your experience. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Keep reading.

ChessClock is a chess clock on your smartphone! If you don’t want to buy a physical clock you can download it. Allows you to play in different time controls, pause and configure the clock. Nice to have some bullet games with friends, or save up to 20$ not buying the real clock.

Chess openings pro offers you a simple interface, but a great number of chess games to review opening theory, and study independently. Did you forget the theory? Check out your app and refresh your memory, it’s practical, easy to use, and useful overall. You can also analyze grandmaster’s games; it provides a database with more than 2 million top-level games to review.

Chess opening blunders is the best chess app to avoid falling into quick traps and learning some opening tricks to torture your friends. Useful if you have problems surviving the opening against skilled players, now you can see possible ways to counter them. It’s always nice to analyze our mistakes, make sure you don’t fall two times for the same trick, download the app.

How to improve in chess using chess apps?

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The outstanding factor about apps is that they make everything more practical. Nowadays, people don’t use pencil and paper.

Choosing the best chess app could help you improve, if you know how to take advantage out of them, they can be useful. For example, the chess.com app has a function to play daily games, your phone rings, time to make your move, you do it and continue with your life.

When you are bored, use the lichess app to solve tactics with its free trainer, never is too late to learn some chess patterns! And if you pay good attention to five minutes of tactics you could learn a lot, especially by repetition.

Finally, there is a good way to study your openings without studying chess openings. Using the best chess app about openings you find, and viewing it often, like seeing 5 moves, then rest, other 5 moves, and so on. Find the best method that works for you, and remember, that the process always has to be fun.

We hope you found this information useful.

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