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Free chess resources to become a better chess player

Many books have been written about chess improvement and are amazing how big this topic can be. Playing chess is an art, that requires time and brainpower.

Improving at chess means knowing the techniques and the method to achieve that effect. Many books can actually be helpful to you, but not all of them.

Psychology plays an important role in this aspect and is important to take it into account. Because studying chess not always means better results.

Not because you spend 8 hours straight a day, it means you will become a master faster. You need to know what kind of content you consume to improve.

Now, speaking about free chess resources to study, there is a great amount of content out on the internet. And, not all of this content is intended to help people, but to get views and traffic.

This is why not all of the content that you find out on the internet is actually useful. Today, we bring to you a little list of the best content you can view on the internet for free to improve at chess.

Although, the best option is to look for a chess club or coach near you. However, if you don’t know any chess club or simply don’t want to spend money on chess that’s cool, you can go with these.

Always knowing that the content you watch on the internet should always be checked carefully. We recommend you use the content you see on the internet just as a reference, not exactly to learn.

Audiovisual free chess resources

free chess resources

We all know the value of free chess content has, of course, watching videos or streams will NEVER replace really studying chess. But is a good place to start to have some references, maybe learn some theoretical concepts and have fun.

Many chess masters are willing to teach you all of their tricks and ideas to make you improve. And the interaction is usually pretty good, so you could even play with them a little or get in a tournament.

Remind that they will tell your ideas that may have worked for them, but it doesn’t mean they will work for you as well. So when you watch chess content I recommend you to do the following steps to get the best out of it:

  • Take what you believe are the most important lessons, tricks, advice that you could use in your game and write them down.
  • Then, after you have watched a video make an analysis of them and try to explain the idea in your own words.
  • Finally, try to apply those ideas, plans, strategies, or whatever, playing against another player or simply analyze on board.

If you were able to do these three simple steps it means that you have learned something from free chess content. In this case, you didn’t simply hear something interesting on a video, you actually implemented it in a game.

Practical chess resources + links

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The best free chess resources you can find on the web are on chess platforms like, chess24.,, and more. All of these webs have trainers and intuitive tools for you to improve your chess without spending a single penny.

Sites like chesstempo have tactical trainers you can use to learn the basic patterns.

While others like chess24 have a book reader! Yes, you can view practical positions and analyze games on this website. has incredible drills and positions to play against the machine so learn by yourself.

There are infinite web pages that you could use, offering free chess resources for you to improve at chess quickly. We can’t count them all, there are just so many you just need to look for them.

I can assure you, if you search “free chess resources” on google you will have infinite results, just try to organize them.

Theoretical chess resources + links

free chess resources pawn

With theoretical chess resources, we mean books, which are an important part of chess improvement in general. I know there is already a lot of content on the internet, nobody needs too much.

However, chess books offer the information structured and organized, and their knowledge tends to be a lot better.

Most of the books that you can find on the internet are paid, and it’s natural, you can easily find many chess books on Amazon. If you want to pay a little and have the physical version that’s ok, the price isn’t too high anyway.

But you can also get great books in PDF format, or even audiobooks for free that will also be useful. I recommend going for the free options before considering spending money on a chess book.

There are tons of free books that you can find for free on the internet or at least a part. Here are some suggestions of chess books you can read for free on the internet:

How to use free chess resources to improve at chess

free chess resources king

As a conclusion to this post, I want to give some good tips on how to correctly use the information you find on the internet and really have results. Remember that not always we will be doing it correctly, although it seems like we are doing great.

The method I gave you at the beginning of the post consists of three steps and is easy to apply. However, the best advice for you is to analyze every single bit of information you gathered on the internet.

There are many players online and they will try to explain their ideas the best they can to help you. But as there is no direct interaction, you may misinterpret the information, and result in disaster.

Always analyze the content you see, just to make sure those free chess resources are doing their job.

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