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Virtual Chess Set

Maybe you play games on the internet, most chess players play thousands of blitz games solely on the internet. Have you ever longed for that experience to play a real person across from you on the chessboard? With the Square Off chess set is possible!

Chess clubs and tournaments exist for that very reason, however, maybe you don't have the means or resources to go out and play competitively. But you are sick of staring at a computer or iPhone screen with dimensional pieces.

Why not combine the two experiences? You can play real-life games over real chess set against a real human being without having to leave the comfort of your home!

I present to you, the very cool chess set, with wooden chess pieces, but most of all, the electronic chessboard, Square Off.

Why the Square Off chess set?

Why should I invest almost 400 euros for this chess set? The primary benefit by far is that square off uses technology and AI to make opponent's moves for you!

That's simply unreal if you've never experienced this before. An electronic chessboard, think about that. Let's admit it.

The internet and sole screen experience is absolutely no match for the real-life wooden chessboard and chess pieces experience.

Imagine you are an enthusiastic chess player and learner, you want to replicate real-life tournament experiences, so you play all of your online games using a real-life board.

That is fine, but it would take time to register the moves played on the screen to the chessboard, and looking at two dimensions (chessboard and screen) during a single game can get confusing.

But now imagine that you desire to improve by playing games online, and wish to replicate the over the board experience, and all you have to do is buy Square Off, hook it up to your phone, and boom, you're ready to go.

You don't have to look at a screen for the duration of the game. Isn't this any aspiring chess player's dream?


What other benefits are found in the Square Off chess set?

The concept of an electronic chessboard does seem very cool, to be able to play chess without a physical human sitting across from you, but what other benefits does Square Off have to sell to you?

Here are the top benefits for optimal user experience:

  • You can connect through the app, and play anyone and anywhere via, or the Square Off app. Online chess playing experience has really taken another level.
  • Intimidated to play real human beings with real brains? Do not fear! Square Off provides you 20 levels of computer AI difficulty for you to take a crack at.
  • On top of playing, yes, you can stream real-life chess games. Isn't that such a cool experience?
    Imagine following the Carlsen-Caruana world championship match, instead of everything being on the screen where the commentator's jokes and the chat can distract you, you can set the commentary aside on your computer, but have your eyes solely focused on the chess position. Yes, this cool chess set has many cool features.

Can Square Off help me improve my chess game?

While Square Off is not a necessary tool to improve your game, it will definitely enhance your practicing experience.

As mentioned before, when you think about it in perspective, most aspiring chess players wishing to improve want to raise their ratings in over the board chess, right?

True, you can learn patterns and concepts using a screen, but wouldn't it be nice if 100% of your studying and playing were using a physical board with plastic or wooden chess pieces? Square Off is here for you!

An added incentive is that with Square Off, you can play anyone anywhere in the world. Isn't playing higher rated players vital for chess improvement?

Depending on your rating, many over the board chess clubs do not have strong players to spar against. Square Off has you covered! Now you might be saying to yourself “Yeah, but I can play people online…”. True, you can… with a screen.

Victor will also help you learn chess. Victor is a computerized personal chess coach installed into Square Off.

He can give lessons, he also will analyze your games, and tell you when and where you went wrong, and how you can improve. Yes, there are similar functions on the internet, but again, the over the board experience is given by this cool chess set changes everything.

About the creators

We have to give credit where it is due! The founders of Square Off are CEO Bhavya Gohil and CTO Aatur Mehta. Gohil quotes, “We wanted to take people off the screen, and onto the chessboard”.

Gohil and Mehta came up with this idea of an electronic chessboard three years before launch. Their initial idea was to create an electronic chessboard for visually impaired people.

However, Square Off realized they could grow their business and distribute it worldwide.

They tried some ideas, several ideas that surely seemed like it was going to fail, or at least pan out. However, like true businessmen, they persevered on their project, received feedback, and released the initial product in 2016!

On top of the actual cool chess set with very cool wooden pieces, hearing the story of how it was invented is extremely inspirational. Square Off's clear mission was to revolutionize the way chess is played!

The beauty of Square Off's outstanding customer service is they did not stop at their first product. Absolutely not!

Square Off released its product, listened carefully to customer feedback, and came back with a brushed up design in November of 2019.

The new version of the board is simply faster and smarter and comes with the updated perks. For example, Victor was implemented with this new design.

Should I buy this product?

I'm sure you have been anticipating this product, having read this full article, so do you think I am going to answer with “no”?! Square Off is the perfect gift for any chess player, as it's a very cool chess set.

If you aspire to buy the board for yourself, simply treat yourself and spend that money! If you have a relative who plays chess and wish to invest in a gift for them, maybe for their birthday, Christmas, or some other celebration, by all means, go to, and purchase this product!

Which chess player does not love some cool wooden chess pieces for himself?

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