Improve in chess can be very fun. Check it out!

improve in chess can be very fun. check it out

Improve in chess can be very fun

How many chess players ask themselves on a daily basis is “How can I improve my chess quickly”? The key is not to find the best coach in the world, nor to spend an entire day playing. A good option for you is to optimize the study of the sport of chess.

This method is effective, however, its success will depend on how seriously you take it and how often you include it in your games. It is designed for different players with different levels of experience.

If you want to know more about this method to improve in chess, then read on.

This method consists of six (6) steps:

  1. Invest well your time

Focus on what you want, whether you want to improve in the openings if you want to know more about the middlegame or simply the endgames.

Evaluate and analyze what your failures are so you can improve them. Focus on achieving the goal, then move on to the other stage.

Choose one of the points in which you need to advance.

If what you want is to advance in an integral way at once, let me tell you that it will take time and a lot of effort. Keep calm, the progress is slow.

Improve in chess is more fun than you think

In general, we start by studying an opening which we are interested in it. Then we begin to practice it and we're improving its variants until we master it.

But don't always focus on studying openings, which, although they allow you to start your game well do not guarantee the success of it.

You can organize yourself and include variety in the subjects to study. It allows you to make better games and obtain greater victories. If you lose, then you will do it giving a good battle and showing what you know.

  1. Practice

I want to advise you to read carefully. Studying theory is fine, learning the movements and variants is perfect, but you don't gain anything if you don't put it into practice.

Find a place where you can play with other people directly, why? Because when you play with someone you can analyze the game better and you can also comment on the movements against your opponent.

It can be with a friend, a relative and even with someone unknown, the important thing is you can learn from your opponent and put into practice what you have already learned.

Enjoy your chess learning

Play with someone who knows more than you or who you consider to be superior. It will be very useful when you practice, you will be learning from the way you play.

So you will see the progress of your learning and your friend can give you feedback too.

After studying some technique or new strategy or the way to develop it, you should put it quickly into practice in your future games.

So, you will realize how useful it is to you and you can change and adapt it to your mode of play, to your style. In addition to helping you record it in your memory much faster.

  1. Have a chess coach

If studying alone interferes with your chess progress, then it's time to make the decision to take classes with a professional chess trainer.

With this method, you get directly from the chess coach the fundamental knowledge. Someone who guides and warns you about the things you are doing wrong and how to correct them.

It also increases the chances better in chess in a shorter time, you will not be exhausted reading books. Reading theory is not inadequate, but it is not the method for your main needs.

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It gives you the opportunity to debate with your coach about what you have studied, come to conclusions and seek advice. I tell you it is very suitable for a rapid advance in chess.


  1. Create a routine

There's a way to create a very simple routine. Every day for ninety (90) days in a row, do the same, after those ninety (90) days, you won't have to worry because your routine will be consolidated.

Plan to study theories on Mondays, play online games on Tuesdays… Practice with your trainer on Wednesdays and on Thursdays go out and play in a chess club.

Perhaps, this point is not considered favorable by the factor “speed”. However, I can tell you that with a routine you improve quickly chess but with the continuity of it will reach an excellent level of play.

  1.  Analysis

This point is one of the most important to improve in chess. In a game, you have to think a lot about your strategy and your opponent's strategy.

What possible moves has your opponent? What move will he make? Why did he make that move? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when you are playing with an opponent.

You should think of your moves as if you were your own opponent: if I move this bishop will I cause any pressure?

   Improve in chess is easier than you think

It is very relevant for learning and improving in chess quickly. Applying this method ensures the information is captured immediately and allows us to realize the mistakes of both the opponent and ours.

Speaking of mistakes, you have to analyze your own, it is important not to bother, or despair when you make one and end up losing an important piece or worse, a game.

I recommend you keep calm down and control yourself, so you can notice where you made a mistake. Improving chess also means learning from yourself.

  1.  Go and learn

Enjoy our time, which is being relevant in chess and setting the tone.  People like: Carlsen, Caruana, Nakamura, Mamedyarov, among other greats of chess, make this game very fun to watch, and practice.

It is amazing to see players who can do magic on the board with the development of their strategies.

Take advantage of current technology and do not waste time. Enjoy the championships live, try to place yourself in the position of one of the players and think like him, who knows, maybe you too are a chess genius and you have not noticed.

Following the method of analyzing, having a routine, looking for someone to teach you, read, use the time and practice.

I guarantee you will achieve your goal of improving quickly in chess and begin to see your dream come true.

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