Tactical chess combinations in chess – 3 expert examples

chess combinations

Today we review some of the most impressive tactical chess combinations that you will ever see! Tactics in chess could be beautiful and artistic to see, something all chess players treasure so much.

The feeling of performing a combination, or even seeing someone else do it, is indescribable to those who don’t play chess. It’s an experience that we have all experienced over the board, in some cases even if you are the one who loses the game.

And of course, seeing some of these combinations will help you learn patterns and improve your chess. So let’s have fun and learn at the same time here with the most impressive chess combinations!

Chess combinations

Wilhelm Steinitz vs Curt von Bardeleben: The Inmortal Rook!

The father of positional chess finds a way to curse his opponent to the checkmate pretty quickly! Even when his opponent is already lost he finds a way to find the absolute best moves!

Edward Lasker vs George Thomas: The long walk to checkmate

This is one that will be on the chess tactical books for a very long time, some of the most impressive tactical chess combinations.

It’s an amazing combination that has been used for calculation practice for so long. It’s surely one of the most amazing chess combinations ever, it’s a long way on forced moves to checkmate on g1!

Magnus Carlsen vs Sipke Ernst: Wait? What?

Now, I know the post is called the most impressive tactical combinations, but you can’t call this a “tactical chess combination” more like the tactical game! One of the most interesting things about this is how Magnus induces the mistakes in his opponent.

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