Chess platforms: Discover the top 4 to play chess!

20 chess platforms

You may have wondered what are the best chess platforms to play, what they offer you and who you will play with. Perhaps you have other doubts, in this article, you will surely solve.

Currently,  more than six hundred million people in the world (600.000.000) play chess. However, this percentage reduces when we talk about people who play chess on online platforms.

There are many chess platforms on the web, so it is difficult to choose one, when we want to play an online game, either as a hobby or to improve our level of play. That's why I bring you the top 4 chess platforms.

1. Internet Chess Club (ICC):Chess platforms

This platform is perfect for learning, as it has a special section for people who want to reinforce their tactics, measure their level of strength or take chess courses. Many top players use it and it was very popular some decades ago.

The chess platform is made the old-fashioned way, the colors of the board or the pieces… however, I prefer it and even I use the BlitzIn version using commands!

The level, the time and the game mode are up to you, it should be noted that there are many players on this page, they can be your rivals, so you won't worry about playing. Other features on are available if you pay the membership.

Chess platforms are instruments for learning and having fun.

Now I'll show you its strength, the level of teaching and why it's called “club”. It's actually a delight for chess players to learn new things on this page. Its teaching system is good and above all complete.

Chess platforms

You can measure your chess level by finding solutions to the puzzles place or you also watch informative videos about chess lessons. Something very interesting is it has its own “tv” section, where a chess master indicates the most important events in chess. You can watch a variety of videos and the best in the world playing in live! ICC transmits the best games happen in the world.

And you can learn with free online chess courses also

Learn with free online chess courses.


A big one! Twenty-five million forty-one thousand seven hundred and ninety-four (25,041,794) people registered on is without a doubt a reference to be considered one of the best chess platforms to play a game.

With a modern and classic touch, a comfortable look and a very fast interface, there is no way to leave it out. At least two million (2,000,000) games are played every day, and when you play as comfortably as on this platform, it's almost impossible to stop.

I think this chess platform is special to play, all the game modes and the accessibility are simply great. You can play tournaments, it has variation in its game types like bughouse, crazyhouse, live960, 3 checks and more, making it an ideal page to spend hours playing against hundreds of players from all countries.

Another thing that is not far behind in its learning section. It offers you videos, the blog with interesting articles, daily puzzles to develop (if you want a complete training you will have to pay). You also have the opportunity to learn in a didactic way, openings, finals and much more.


3. Lichess:


This platform is ideal for someone who has free time and wants to play a good game of chess without hardship. Although their average number of players is not as high as others, you will never lack a chance to play, I assure you. You don't need to register to play, this is one of the best points.

It has an excellent and elegant design, with a very fast interface, which makes it a very pleasant platform to visit. The board is just as good and it's amazing how fast this page plays.

A very favorable thing on is you can invite a friend directly to the game from a link. Few platforms allow you to have a direct encounter with someone you know.

This platform has a teaching section where you will find chess masters, basic elements of chess and a site to practice but it's known by the great performance. So, chess players are happy with just a click of the mouse and start playing.

4. Chess24:

It is one of the most complete chess platforms there is. Excellent for all types of players, but particularly for those who want to watch live matches, in which Chess24 specializes. You also have the option of playing against a computer, where the strongest level is called Magnus. You will really enjoy this platform following the events!

It has a mobile application. It's really great you can have such an amazing chess platform on your mobile. You can play as many games as you want and wherever you want, perfect! Right? Its design is quite good and the quality of the game is also guaranteed by its users. As in all platforms, there are for all levels, but there is one thing, I noticed in Chess24, it is that its ranking is a little strong. So as you progress you will find better and more experienced players in the game, becoming a challenge.

Although to play you don't need to register. The best thing is to do it and enjoy all the advantages that Chess24 offers you, such as its articles, ebooks, different game modes. You can also choose your opponent's rating and more.

The chess platforms are to take advantage of it. What do you expect to use them?

There are many chess platforms that you can use to find a game. The ones I mentioned before, are guaranteed to give you good game experiences. Here you can find with the participation of many interesting players who will surely take advantage of them. Don't waste any more time choosing one of these four best chess platforms and start having fun.

What's the chess platform that you usually play? Tell me your favorite chess platform in the comments :)

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