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Antonio Ventura Gude is one of the most famous chess writers. He shows us incredible stories about tournaments, anecdotes of chess players and unusual experiences.

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And you can enjoy reading the connection of chess with other cultural activities like art or the cinema also… because chess has been used in many different worlds!

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Marshall Chess Club
Our Beautiful Chess
Alberto Chueca

Marshall Chess Club: The #1 Club in NY That Offers Amazing Opportunities for Chess Players

Chess is a timeless game that has been enjoyed throughout history by players of all ages and skill levels. But for serious players, there is perhaps no better place to hone their skills than the legendary Marshall Chess Club in New York City. Established in 1915 by U.S. Chess Champion Frank James Marshall, the Marshall Chess Club is one of the oldest chess clubs in the United States.

History and Events of the Marshall Chess Club

The Marshall Chess Club has a long and illustrious history, having hosted some of the world's greatest players including Bobby Fischer, chess grandmasters … Read more

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The Queens Gambit
Alberto Chueca

The Queen’s Gambit Netflix: The best mini-series of chess.

One of the best original series that Netflix has in its catalog is queen’s gambit, the chess series that during the pandemic popularized the science game and even to this day, continues in the minds of all people.

So, today you will have a review with everything you need to know about this mini-series that tells the fictional story of Beth Harmon, a spectacular chess player.

Review Queen's Gambit

Elizabeth Harmon is a girl who is orphaned when her mother dies in a car accident, and is taken to an orphanage where the children are given tranquilizer pills so they … Read more

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betting in chess
08 Chess anecdotes ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Is there betting in chess? First steps and how to!

The chess game that we all know and love is born out of the Indian game chaturanga which dates back to the 600s AD. This game quickly spread across the world, coming to Europe when it evolved into what we know it today in the 16th century. But is there betting in chess?
Throughout the years, chess has managed to attract quite a bit of attention, and it is now played as a global game by professional players that have specific chess tournaments.
Since chess is now a game that everyone knows and is played professionally, does this mean that … Read more

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08 Chess anecdotes ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Chess games with two queens!

Have you seen a chess game with two queens on the board at the same time? Surely, they are rare to see, today you will see some of the craziest chess games with two queens ever played.

One interesting thing about these games we want you to notice is how the nature of the game changes. Chess suddenly becomes a lot more dynamic, and the calculations need to be a lot more profound.

Game #1 with two queens: Bobby Fischer vs Tigran Petrosian (1959)

Chess games with two queens! 9

This is the chess game with two queens that more … Read more

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Chess players
Alberto Chueca

Who is Jonas Buhl? Undeniable talent

Jonas Buhl is a pretty young chess player getting into the elite chess circle. At least in the Junior categories, he is among the best 20 junior players in the world with the highest rating.

Now, the interesting factor here is his age, he is simply 17 years old, with a great career in front of him. He has competed in the highest level of tournaments, with decent results.

However, Jonas Buhl is still adapting to elite chess, a level that is never easy for anyone. Today we will learn more about the future top player Jonas Buhl, and how … Read more

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Funny Chess
Alberto Chueca

Chess bets

Chess bets are something that can make the beautiful strategy game look more thrilling and exciting. And you can participate in chess betting to have more fun too. Just imagine, if chess is exciting by itself, what would it be having the possibility to win money for it.

That’s the philosophy of the chess hustler and people that sometimes bet something to spice things up. Today we will talk about chess bets and how you can have fun with them, and also some advice for bettors.

Chess bets can be very fun when done correctly, in this post we will … Read more

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chess combinations
Our Beautiful Chess
Alberto Chueca

Tactical chess combinations in chess – 3 expert examples

Today we review some of the most impressive tactical chess combinations that you will ever see! Tactics in chess could be beautiful and artistic to see, something all chess players treasure so much.

The feeling of performing a combination, or even seeing someone else do it, is indescribable to those who don’t play chess. It’s an experience that we have all experienced over the board, in some cases even if you are the one who loses the game.

And of course, seeing some of these combinations will help you learn patterns and improve your chess. So let’s have fun … Read more

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best chess game
The History of chess
Alberto Chueca

What is the best chess game ever?

There have been many astonishing and unique encounters in chess in history, some that we can’t forget. But what is the best chess game ever played? That is an interesting, and massive question to ask, and very fun to try answering!

Today, we will review three of the most incredible chess games in history, some you will not believe. Of course, some will disagree with the games shown here, but a post won’t be enough to put all the games I want!

Please take into account that some of the games on this list are here not only for the … Read more

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08 Chess anecdotes ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Discover Blitzstream chess streamer

Blitztream is a French chess streamer and an excellent player that you should start watching. You can view the Blitzstream Twitch channel here, following him can provide you with excellent chess content.

It’s an excellent chess coach that usually makes lessons for the people on chess.com. As he is also a partner from chess.com and a recognized chess player. Most of his content is instructive-oriented and explained in a very good way.

If you don’t mind listening to a French voice with English captions, you may find it very beneficial. Also, Blitzstream is one of the highest-rated players on … Read more

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Chess players
Alberto Chueca

Eric Hansen (Chessbrah), Expert player and Twitch producer!

Eric Hansen is a Canadian chess grandmaster, one of the best in Canada, and also a Twitch streamer. He has been a grandmaster since 2013, and he represents Canada in the international championships.

Eric Hansen is a great player that we can all learn from and he is very open to talking to his spectators. He is the CEO of chess YouTube and whose channel is named “Chessbrah” running the “Chessbrahs” community.

Eric Hansen has been playing chess ever since he was a kid, and he fell in love for the rest of his life. He usually makes up events … Read more

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