Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing chess

advantages of chess

Playing chess: It’s pointless or will make me a genius? The advantages of chess

Chess has always been an interesting game, one that doesn’t stop surprising us with its wonders and incredible reach. The advantages and disadvantages of playing chess are so varied, and there has been discussed for so long, why?

Many times chess has played an important role in history, it represents many benefits for any chess player. The ex-world chess champion Jose Raúl Capablanca wanted to implement it as a signature in schools. Not to mention, it already is a signature (practically) in Russia, home of the best chess players in history. Know the advantages of chess.

Chess is known to be one of the healthiest sports to practice, it trains the brain, improves memory, and increases creativeness. These are just some of the benefits, however, there are some disadvantages to it too.

In some cases, it may turn people arrogant, tends to make people addicted, and may turn the personality self-destructive. This happens in particular cases; it doesn’t mean that playing chess will definitely take you this way. But you can see that behavior in some chess players, especially the younger ones.

The intention of this post is not to make you leave chess or make you run to start playing. We will give you the real advantages and disadvantages of playing chess.  Here you will see the advantages of chess.

Advantages and disadvantages chess

advantages of chess queen

It’s important to mention that the following “advantages and disadvantages of playing chess” are relative. This means that they are not definitive, and not all chess players suffer from these.

This depends too much on what the person thinks, and how manages the nuances of training a sport seriously.

Pros of chess

  • First, chess requires planning, and this game is purely logical, which means the player needs to always be using common sense. This is especially beneficial for kids who are starting to develop these skills. However, is good for any kind of player.
  • It helps regenerate the connections between the neurons, which is obviously highly beneficial for your brain. This is why playing chess is an approved treatment for schizophrenia.
  • Chess is about learning patterns, like strategical and tactical patterns. This is why it actively trains your memory and improves it considerably. This is why chess reduces the possibilities of diseases like Alzheimer's. It's a huge advantage of chess.

Now, let’s mention some of the benefits of really training chess, forming part of a club, and playing chess competitions:

  • It’s an excellent discipline for children, every chess club player must learn something called “chess courtesy”. Different from other games, in chess one, is taught to accept defeat as a fair and possible result, which is not resignment. This will teach prudence and respect, more if you have to shake hands after every game.
  • It improves the balance of the person and teaches how to conduct yourself in front of different situations. Knowing how to control your impulses is an important part of becoming a more solid chess player. Learning this involves controlling your emotions when you are worse or better in the position.

Cons of chess

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Of course, nothing in life can be entirely beneficial, everything has a price or requirement. This is why the post is called advantages of chess and disadvantages too.

  • Most of the chess players in history are great characters, but most of them were a little arrogant and egocentric. This is not a chess-only phenomenon, this happens in every game. And it happens when one doesn’t know how to really train a sport correctly.
  • Chess players usually experiment with a lot of frustration, because usually don’t know how to deal with training patiently. Improving in chess takes a lot of time, and evens, it depends on the method and motivation you have on it. Normally, you have a level that is not what you were expecting, so people frustrate.

How to avoid chess being destructive?

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All of the disciplines and sports are beneficial, just if the person knows how to make their practice healthy. This will depend on the methodology the person has to train and how it chooses to do it. This is done to exploit the best of the advantages of chess.

It’s a psychological and self-discovery process, that is important to determine the nature of the training. It’s not easy to keep the motivation and god ways up while accomplishing the objective.

Usually, players attach their self-effectiveness to their chess rating, one of the disadvantages of playing chess too much. The way to avoid this is to feel comfortable with your chess level right now, easier said than done.

Chess is not everything in life! There are other important things to be good at. So if you don’t beat a chess master the day you started playing that’s ok. Remember chess always has to be fun, otherwise, all the time you spend training or solving puzzles won’t be effective.

How to play healthy chess

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This is a topic not many chess websites touch, along with the advantages and disadvantages of playing chess: How to play chess beneficially.

Reading this post will state clearly the reason why chess could be harmful is that people don’t know how to take things calmly. Taking it slowly and having fun are simple things people seem to don’t know how to do.

Organize your chess study, and learn new ways to enjoy chess. Most of the young chess players, take training so seriously and forget about having fun.

Remember you have to rest once in a while, you are not made out of iron, this way you don't seize the advantages of chess. Normally more doesn’t necessarily mean better. Improving in chess not necessarily involve reading and learning chess concepts. The advantages and disadvantages of chess come from practice.

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