Chess Cheater: Who are the worst and most Popular Chess Cheaters? 3 cases.

Chess Cheater

Chess is one of the most popular board games around the world. There have been countless grandmasters and champions throughout the years, but unfortunately, there have also been plenty of Chess cheater in the chess world as well. Cheating in chess has been around for centuries and it is a major issue plaguing the chess community today. So, who are some of the most popular and successful chess cheaters of the past, present, and future?

Chess Cheater Borislav Ivanov: The Bulgarian FM

Undoubtedly, Borislav Ivanov is one of the most famous and successful cheaters in the chess world. He is a Bulgarian FM who initially was relatively unknown until 2012. His major breakthrough in the chess world came at the 2012 Zadar Open chess tournament where he finished fourth after defeating grandmasters and became noticed for his curious gameplay.

Chess Cheater

His games were very peculiar in that he would perform moves that appeared to be completely random and even violate chess rules. It was later revealed that Ivanov had been cheating by using computers and outside sources during the game. He was subsequently banned from tournament playing for two years by FIDE.

Gary Kasparov: The Computer Challenger

Just over 75 years ago, a match took place in New York between Russian world champion, Gary Kasparov, and a computer named Deep Blue. Kasparov had previously defeated Deep Blue a year prior in Philadelphia, but this time the computer did something really astonishing.

During the match, Deep Blue made moves that could not be explained by any of the experts watching. Kasparov and the spectators initially suspected cheating, as the computer did not make any human-like mistakes. It was later discovered that IBM had a team of chess professionals secretly helping to program Deep Blue with the past moves and strategies of famous chess players. Because of this it was suspected to be a case of Chess Cheater.

Hans Niemann: The Teenage Chess Grandmaster and Chess Cheater

The latest high profile cheating scandal in the chess world involves 19-year-old Hans Niemann. His rise to fame in the chess community started when he began performing brilliantly in several tournaments. However, recent investigations revealed that he had likely cheated in more than 100 matches, including ones with prize money involved.

According to experts, Niemann appeared to be using a computer on his phone and outside sources to gain an unfair advantage in his games. Magnus Carlsen, the number-one chess player in the world, accused him of cheating. This has prompted a major investigation into the issue of cheating in the chess world, positioning him as a Chess Cheater.

Cheating on The site with the most evidence about the Chess Cheater

Chess Streamers have recently been facing an onslaught of cheating on the popular online chess platform, Hikaru, one of the most popular chess streamers, posted a video commenting on a player who appeared suspicious. He suspected that the player was using a computer and outside sources to gain an advantage in their matchups.

This issue is common on and can be seen on many popular streams. There is a list of players who are suspected of cheating that is constantly being updated by the community. Users on the platform can report suspected cheaters and the list is often updated with the most recent cases.


Cheating in chess is a major issue that has been present in the chess community for centuries. There have been many notorious and successful cheaters in the chess world, from Borislav Ivanov to Deep Blue. Cheating, especially online, is still a problem the chess community is trying to curb. Many high-profile cases are being investigated and it is encouraging to see the major chess communities and organizations take measures to ensure a fair and fun environment for everyone.

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