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Every year, social networks are becoming more and more important in modern society. Now they provide not only entertainment but also communication and information exchange. At the sаme time, they can be used not only for these purposes. There are accounts on such platforms as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that specialize in providing chess tips. This new trend has a positive impact on the development of this game culture. After all, it helps to popularize the game among a wide audience. It also provides quality materials for self-improvement. In this article, we will look at the topics of well-known social media accounts that provide chess tips. Let's understand their influence and benefits. 

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Social Media Accounts Influence

Social media accounts often have a strong influence on their audience. After all, they are seen as an important source of information. And chess accounts on social media are no exception. They have become a significant source of learning for chess amateurs and professionals. You can find everything on their pages. From the basic rules of the game to complex chess strategies and tactics. This allows even thоse who don't have much experience to understand and improve their playing skills. Unfortunately, along with the positive aspects, there are also negative aspects of using social media for learning and development. Scientific studies claim that spending too much time browsing social media can affect studеnts' academic performance. This is due to excessive distraction. Distractions that are not educational, but entertainment and fun. Thus, the time devoted to learning is reduced. 

Therefore, the topic of the proper use of such networks can be a great choice for students who are going to write their research. To ensure that the final academic paper is competent and structured, we recommend using special profile services. There you can find paper samples about negative effects of social media and learn the best from them and contact professional writers of such papers to achieve the best results. Free essay samples analyze the impact of social media on educational processes. They will help you to understand which direction to move in order to write a great paper. This can ultimately provide you with the best teacher comments on students' writing. And your student contract for gradeswill be on top. 

It should be noted that the impact of social media is individual. It always depends on the student's self-control.

Themes of Chess Accounts

As in any field, the topics of such accounts can be very diverse. This diversity shows how comprehensively the topic of chess is represented on social media. Also, the topics make it easier to know what you need.

Learning the basic rules

Many accounts are dedicated to explaining the basic rules of the game. This becomes a starting point for those who are just starting to get acquainted with this game.

Tactical techniques 

Chess tactics play an important role in achieving victory. Many accounts provide examples of tactical games. At the same time, they also provide ways to identify them.

Chess strategies

There are accounts that discuss various game strategies in detail. Namely,

  • opening, 
  • middle game,
  • closing. 

They help to understand the options for the development of the game.

Analyzing your own games

Some accounts encourage players to analyze their own games. This is done in order to identify mistakes and improve.

Psychology of the game

The game of chess is closely related to psychology. Accounts can provide advice:

  • how to manage stress, 
  • how to concentrate, 
  • how to improve the efficiency of the game.

Social Media Accounts Specializing in Chess Tips and Materials

@chesscom (Twitter, Instagram) 

The official account of, which provides a wide range of chess tips. From basic rules to high-level strategies.

@DanielRensch (Twitter, Twitch, YouTube)

Daniel Rensch is the co-founder of He provides relevant game advice and analysis.

@GMHikaru (Twitter, Twitch, YouTube) 

Hikaru Nakamura is a grandmaster and a popular streamer. He actively shares chess videos, comments on his games, and advice for players of all levels.

@GMJuditPolgar (Twitter, Instagram)

Judith Polgar is a legendary grandmaster. She shares her chess thoughts and experience on social media.

@thechessbrah (Twitter, Twitch, YouTube)

This is the account of the ChessBrahs group of grandmasters. Here you can find fun and educational chess broadcasts.

@lichess (Twitter, Instagram)

Lichess is an account of another major online mentioned game platform that also provides useful chess tips and materials.

@SusanPolgar (Twitter, Instagram)

Susan Polgar is also a well-known grandmaster and coach. She provides valuable advice for players on her social media accounts.

These accounts are just a few examples of the many resources that can help you develop your chess skills through social media.

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Social media accounts with chess tips play a significant role in spreading knowledge about chess. They help improve the game of players of different levels. They also create a convenient tool for learning, sharing experiences, and improving this game culture.

Despite the possible negative aspects of using social media, it is important to focus on a balanced approach to their use. Chеss accounts can be a valuable resource for those who wish to improve their gaming skills. However, it is important to adhere to reasonable restrictions and maintain academic discipline.

Thus, chеss remains not only an exciting game, but also an important tool for developing critical thinking, logic, and concentration. Using social media accounts to teach chess helps to make the process more accessible and fun for everyone.

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