Koivisto chess engine: the best open source chess program #1.

Koivisto Chess Engine

Are you looking for a powerful open source chess engine? If so, Koivisto Chess Engine is the perfect answer. Koivisto was created by Kim Kåhre and Finn Eggers in 2020 and is capable of playing against itself, against other engines and against humans. What makes Koivisto a great choice is that it is ICU-compatible, which means you can pair it with your favorite ICU-compatible GUIs.

Koivisto chess engine: Overview

The name Koivisto Chess Engine derives from a small archipelago northwest of Stockholm. It is written mainly in c and released under the GPL v3.0 license. The latest version of the engine is Koivisto 8.3. It supports several UCI configurations such as Hash, SyzygyPath (up to 6 pieces), Threads (commensurable up to 256), FEN and Main variation. The power of the engine is measured as 3350 on the CEDR rating scale. Its bit-board engine also features automated evaluation adjustment by logistic regression.

Powerful features of the Koivisto chess engine

Koivisto Chess Engine comes with a number of powerful features that make it a great choice for players of all skill levels. It is capable of deep game search, with an engine thinking time (ms) of 1000 and a main variation depth. It is also equipped with a large neural network trained on millions of chess positions. This allows the engine to accurately evaluate a position, providing better strategic advice. In addition, Koivisto has several time management capabilities, such as speed adjustment and search speed extrapolation.

Koivisto in action

Koivisto has been able to prove its worth in the Qualifying League by achieving superb performance. In addition, this engine has won several tournaments. For example, Koivisto 4.44 was able to defeat an engine with a higher score in a tournament, demonstrating its best performance. With remarkable performances in major tournaments, it is no wonder that Koivisto is so popular among chess enthusiasts.

Koivisto Chess Engine
Koivisto Chess Engine

This software is great for any type of chess player, its ELO is far superior to other chess engines and can be adapted to any style of play, it is undoubtedly a program that you should try at some point in your chess career and with which elite players may be getting new ideas to surprise their opponents and gain an early advantage in the game.

Koivisto Chess Engine: Pros and Cons

Like any other program, Koivisto Chess Engine also has certain advantages and disadvantages. One of its main advantages is that it is an open source chess engine. This allows users to tweak and customize their version of Koivisto to best suit their needs. In addition,

One of the pros is that this software is free, can be downloaded from its official website and is available for different operating systems, so you can install it on your smartphone, your Mac or iOS tablet.

This program has an ELO of more than 3500, its latest version is really impressive and competes with other chess engines of last generation.

its automated evaluation tuning capability provides a great learning experience for players. However, it also has some drawbacks. It is not as fast as other engines and its compatibility with endgame tablebases is limited.


We can conclude that Koivisto is an excellent choice for those looking for an open source chess engine with powerful features. With its automated evaluation setting, large neural networks and deep search capabilities, Koivisto can provide an exciting and educational experience for players of all skill levels.

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