Join a Chess Club. Is it recommended to improve at chess?


Join a Chess Club. Is it recommended to improve at chess?

From the existence of people who want to learn to play chess, and those others who already know, but want to improve their game, the need arises to meet to play chess. The main purpose of these casual meetings, called chess club, is to exercise players’ abilities.

However, they lack an actual structure that would allow players to implement an effective method to learn and improve their game.

Chess Club -- build a community!

Why does a chess club emerge?

This lack of structure tends to create the need for players to create an administrative structure that allows them to implement a method for learning to play chess and improving their game in a much more efficient manner.

This is where chess clubs emerge, a highly important structure in the development of chess in modern times. The oldest chess club, SG Zurich, from Switzerland, continues to form chess players both in Switzerland and around the globe.

The main function of these chess clubs is to organize chess tournaments, promote learning chess and serve as a training center.

The game of chess

Some believe that playing chess is an easy task. They believe that all it takes to play chess is learning how to move the pieces on the board. This, one could say, is the first step in learning how to play chess and it certainly is indispensable.

However, they don’t realize the long stairway they need to climb after that first step. Climbing that stairway, as in all uphill climb, requires some effort.

For all those who decidedly start to climb that stairway and start to spend whole hours playing chess, those who get excited when they realize that their moves are becoming more effective, those who better place and employ their positions, for them a path is traced to help them improve the quality of their chess game.

Once we arrive at this point, in order to achieve our goal, we might want to ask: is a chess club important?

Do we need a chess club in order to improve our chess game?

There are people who have developed a good chess foundation simply by playing, reading books, watching videos, etc. Nevertheless, help from a chess coach is of paramount value in learning how to play, improve, and simply learn about the game itself.

At this point help form someone who better understands the general workings of chess will be of great use in our game improvement.

Thus, the function of a chess coach is to give us information and help us process this information so that we can put it into practice in chess games. Theoretical information is complemented with exercises; these are the foundations on which a chess player stands.

The possibilities that a chess club gives to a player in order to improve their game are many. A meeting point where people with the same interest in learning to play chess, with whom to play and practice, a space with boards, clocks, magazines, chess books and a chess coach.

Probably the most important tool in learning chess, since it’s they will articulate the preceding elements so that the player can get the best out of their training and improves their game in the most efficient way.

If we pay attention we’ll realize how important it is for a chess player to own a board with its pieces and to know how to move each one of them.

However, after that first step, a wide ocean of possibilities opens up in which together with our discipline and perseverance we will find the ideal support in a chess club.

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