Improve Your Chess Strategy and Timing With Other Games

Improving your chess game requires practice. The more hours you play, the better you’ll get. Adding opponents of different levels and working on different openings can take players to the next level. Is there ever a time when doing something other than playing chess could help?

Besides sleep, nutrition, exercise and some socialising, which all help with optimum functioning, other activities can help you improve. When a player hits a wall, it’s often the perfect time to play something else. Let’s look at how other games can affect strategy and timing in chess. 

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Improve Your Chess Strategy and Timing With Other Games 2

Which Games To Choose

While you could just visit a casino en linea and pick any game, ones that rely on luck won’t help you much. Instead, the focus should be on games that involve strategy and timing. The first that comes to mind is poker. It does involve some luck, but there are so many other skills involved. Reading the other players, knowing when to make a move and being able to calculate its consequences are also integral to your chess game.

Don’t overlook board games, either. Options like Risk, Catan and Monopoly can give you a different setting that helps you rethink how winning strategies can be formed. These games bring benefits that’ll help you keep your composure, learn to adapt and prioritise long-term goals.

Video games, including League of Legends and Dota 2, bring a fresh perspective. Fast responses, planning and problem-solving skills are all required to play, so they could be just the mental workout you need.

Using Strategic Thinking in Other Areas

Chess relies on strategy. You need to think several moves ahead to beat your opponent. It means identifying options, analysing possibilities and aiming for the best possible outcome. Playing chess improves your ability to perform all of those tasks. However, to beat other players, you need more than that.

By learning and practising playing strategically in other arenas, such as online video games, players can broaden their horizons. The result is a better read on your opponent and the chance to spot an opportunity they’ve missed.

The benefits of strategic thinking won’t only improve your chess; they’ll enhance your prospects in life. Being able to handle the unknown, reducing risk and simplifying complex problems are all assets that will help you in relationships, your career and playing chess.

Focus, Memory, Processing and Timing

Studies show that gaming can improve intelligence. Alongside the ability of video gaming to raise your IQ by two and a half points, it has a positive effect on other cognitive functions.

Research indicates that video games contribute to enhanced memory and learning capacity. There’s also evidence to suggest that faster processing, response times and improved focus are evident in gamers compared to non-gamers.

When combined, these attributes can aid chess players in strategy and timing. When you’re against the clock, fast gameplay is essential. However, the benefits of enhanced attention mean players can take their time to make the best move possible.

Reach the Next Level

Strategy and timing are two crucial attributes of a chess player that can win. However, learning and practicing those skills outside of chess can make a vital difference to your gameplay.

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