How to setup a chess board – Wonderful concept for beginners to become #1 players.

How to setup a chess board

Are you new to chess and not sure how to set up a chess board Well don't worry, because this article will guide you through the process step by step. Chess is an age-old game enjoyed by many and the game of kings offers hours of entertainment and thrilling challenges.

The first thing you need to do is get the board set up correctly. This process is actually pretty simple and with some guidance, you will be a chess master in no time. Here are some easy instructions on how to setup a chess board.

How to setup a chess board
How to setup a Chess Board

How to setup a chess board – Step 1: Lay Out the Light Square

The first step to setting up the board is to place the light square in the bottom right corner. This is the same for both players and you will have a light square in the right corner on the edge of the board closest to you.

Step 2: Set Up the Pawns

Once the light square is in the bottom-right corner, it's time to set up the pawns. Place your pawns on the second rank or horizontal row closest to you. The pawns are placed in an ‘offset' pattern, meaning there is one empty square between each pawn. This is important in how to setup a chess board.

Step 3: Put the Rooks on the Corners

Now you will place the rooks on the corners of the board. The rooks are placed on squares labeled a1 and h1 for the white player, and a8 and h8 for the black player. When placing the rooks make sure the corner of the rook itself is in the corner of the board.

Step 4: Place Your Knights Next to the Rooks

You will now place your knights next to the rooks. Put the knights on the left side of the rooks and make sure to place the knight with its head pointing towards the opponent's side.

Step 5: Put the Bishops Next to the Knights

You will now place your bishops next to the knights. Place the bishops on the left side of the knights and make sure to place the bishop with its head pointing towards the opponent's side.

Step 6: Place the Queen on Its Color

Next, you will place your queen in the center square of its color. The white queen is placed on the lighter center square while the black queen is placed on the darker center square.

Step 7: Place the King Next to the Queen

Finally, you will place your Kings next to their respective queens. For the white King, this would be the e1 square whereas for the black King, this would be the e8.

How to setup a chess board
how to set up chess board

How To Remember The Chess Setup

An easy way to remember the chess setup is the acronym ‘QFRNKB” which stands for Queen, Foursome, Rooks, Knights, Bishops. This will help you make sure all pieces are in the right place at the start of each game, so you will easily answer the question how to setup a chess board.

Starting The Game

In the traditional format of chess, White always has half a move head start before Black. This means White moves first and players or competitors alternate turns. The first move for White is always the King's Pawn to e4 or d4 depending on the preference of the player.

If you need to know more about the board, I recommend this article which is related to How to setup a chess board.

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How to setup a Chess Board


To play chess it is important that all the pieces and the board are placed in the correct way, and now that you have learned how to play chess you can enjoy chess without any problem.

This article has gone through all the steps necessary to correctly set up a chess board. With practice, you will be able to master this setup and you can start playing your first games. Good luck and enjoy! If you want to know more about chess, you should visit this youtube channel.

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