No Stress Chess: The Most Practical Way to Learn!

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Learn how to play no stress chess

Chess is the game of king’s and is actually a little hard to play and is a complicated game. Chess can be a little difficult, to the point that can be overwhelming for some new-comers to know all the rules.

Especially the strategic concepts and the tactical approach to the game, decision-making analysis, and etcetera. In no stress chess, this problem doesn’t exist, the game brings cards that tell you the moves!

This makes the game very easy and chill, something that could be good for some players.

The game is meant to teach kids how to play chess properly and learn the basics like how to move the pieces, castle and en passant moves. From the methodological point of view, it’s excellent to have kids learning in such a practical and fun game.

But not only children can have fun playing this fun chess game mode, it hides pretty interesting tactics and concepts behind the game modes. The games have 3 ways to be played according to the official rules, each of them being more “profound” than the other one.

Playing no-stress chess can be beneficial for many players and definitely not just children. Even for the highest level players, it can give a little while of fun and maybe some knowledge.

How to play no stress chess

no stress chess pieces

  • Starting position

One of the main differences between regular chess and no-stress chess is the starting position. The pieces are set up the same as they would be in traditional chess except for the two central pawns, it is set up like this:

The reason for this is very logical and it has to do with the next important rule:

  • How to move the pieces

In no stress chess, the pieces move how they have always moved with no differences at all. But you don’t decide which piece to move and when to move it, the game decides it for you!

The chess set comes with a tray to put cards that you have to shuffle before playing. These cards will tell you which piece you can move in this turn along with an explanation about how that piece can move.

  • How to win

To win a game, you have to capture the opponent’s king, there is no other way around. Also important, in no stress chess there is no check, your king can be under attack but you are not obligated to move it right away.

It doesn’t matter which piece is under attack, you cannot capture a queen unless you get a card to move the piece that can take that enemy queen.

Different ways to play no stress chess

no stress chess chessboard
no stress chess

There are three game modes, first, one being normal no-stress chess with the preset position and taking a card every single turn.

The second game mode consists of having your own deck with cards you can select to your preference. In the second game mode, you have 3 cards and grab a new one every turn, you can “use” any card of your deck conveniently.

In the third game mode, you have 5 cards that you can select and grab a new one every turn.

This is considered to be an increase in difficulty in no stress game that can make it a little more interesting. When playing this mode the player often looks for a way to “combine” their cards and carry out complicated plans.

Say that you have a knight and a queen card, then in the following turns, I can try to maneuver my knight and queen to attack the enemy king.

Why no stress chess is good for children

no stress chess game

We already know all of the benefits that chess brings to the brain and for the development of several skills. We talk about children, but actually, chess in general terms is good not only for children but for anyone.

No stress chess is good for people to learn the game at a friendly pace and enjoying the process. The system of game modes in this chess game allows to increase the difficulty and learn even more than just moving the pieces.

In the second and third levels of no-stress chess, you have to know the correct way to use your cards at the right time. This develops a very important chess skill called “Prophylaxis” which consists of executing your plans according to your opponent’s possibilities.

This is why no-stress chess can also be beneficial to learn (and to train) chess skills as in normal chess. No stress chess is a chess game mode that people may underestimate just for being dedicated to children.

The truth is that no stress chess can be interesting for any chess-lover!

Buy the no stress chess set on Amazon

Check it out!

You can find the no-stress chess set at a very low price, the most famous chess set is the one that was made by Winning moves games.

The chess set comes with a cardboard board, 32 plastic chess pieces as normal, a cards tray, a cards deck that describes the movements of the pieces, and a rule sheet.

It comes with the no-stress chessboard and the regular chessboard the other way around the board.

If you have a kid and you want him to learn some chess, this chess set it’s one of the best options there are to do it in a fun way. This game became very famous, a lot of people has alrea1y bought this same no stress chess set and they were happy.

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