Guimaraes Chess Open: The tournament that you can’t miss!

guimaraes chess open

Guimaraes Chess Open

When I reach the end of summer now I only think in the Guimaraes Chess Open. It's becoming a tradition. I'm always eager to play it. I played it last year and was awesome.

I'm going to tell you 5 reasons why I love to play this tournament and why you could play it (even if you play it maybe we could play together!):

1- Portugal is lovely

I don't know why Portugal is one of the countries that I love it! I have visited several times Porto and is beautiful. There are many green areas and the city is calm. It has a lot of history and a wonderful historical center.

Then, playing this tournament in summer you can use it to do a bit of tourism!

And Guimaraes is awesome also! It mixes the culture of an old city, the history, the paths, the castle, the typical wide walls… with the high activity created by the students in the city.

And you can enjoy during the night because there are many young people living in this city.

Guimaraes Chess Open 2019

Visiting Porto with friends before the tournament.

2- A different schedule: The evening rounds!

I think that Portugal is one of the few countries that has rounds in the evening which, in my opinion, is something fantastic because I hate getting up early.

Generally, I always have worked in the afternoon-night because I'm more concentrated and I'm more productive. Here you will find a different tournament.

Guimaraes Chess Open 2019

3- The Guimaraes Chess Open 2019 is very strong!

You can find the ranking here: RANKING GUIMARAES CHESS OPEN 2019.

The tournament is growing and this edition has got more than +120 participants registered one month before! It wouldn't be a surprise if the tournament reaches 140-150 players.

It can be a perfect opportunity to play against new opponents from different countries and improve your level. There are players from +13 different countries.

Guimaraes Chess Open 2019

Playing the Guimaraes Chess Open in 2018.

4- The organization of the Guimaraes Chess Open is perfect.

In the last editions, there weren't any problems and the organization works hard to have a perfect tournament. The play area is quite good and each year improve the conditions.

It seems very professional and well organized.

Guimaraes Chess Open 2019

The play area in 2018.

5- The tournament is not costly. It always helps.

You can travel from Barcelona/Madrid or other important cities of Europe to Porto with Ryanair/TAP/Iberia and is very cheap. (Booking it some days before, the prices are around 35-45€ both trips included! go and go back! I can’t believe it!).

And there, you can take a bus which connects you directly from the Porto Airport to Guimaraes (8€).

My recommendation: If you can play it, you will enjoy.

If you are thinking to play this tournament register as soon as possible because there are already many players and it could be limited. In addition, the registration before August 5th is a bit cheaper.

You can check the Fanpage of the tournament where you can get all the information:

Or you can register yourself writing to: [email protected]

Find the bases here (English):

Wish me luck, it will be a hard tournament but sure that I will enjoy and will learn much playing this incredible tournament :)


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