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Chess Video: My top 10

A chess player must learn something new every day to progress his level of play. For this reason, I recommend you read books that teach you new techniques. It is important, likewise, to watch a video of the best games in chess history, explanations of openings, etc. Above all, it is essential to win or enjoy the game. Below you will find the best chess videos you can watch.

If you want to advance in your game or just learn a little more about chess varied videos about important games. you will find the information that you need to know.

Kasparov vs Topalov (1999)

Watch a chess video on the great Garry Kasparov!

For example, I want to start with this explanatory chess video of one of my favorite games. Kasparov becomes immortal, wins in amazing fashion with surprising moves that you will have to study and learn.

The video is so good and will show you why Kasparov is called one of the great geniuses and masters of chess.

Bobby Fischer Trap

One of the most popular and coolest traps in which many players fall for and one of my favorite players among all, Bobby Fischer, you can find in this video.

You should know that Fisher had a gift for deception, he could pretend he was losing a game and then making some mysterious moves, he would win it masterfully, no doubt one of the best players in history.

Playing with white, this trap is based on sacrificing your bishop when the black king is castled eating the black pawn of the f7 square, making the king capture the bishop allowing you to make a fantastic checkmate. In the trap, they participate apart from the bishop, the knight that is one of the most important pieces to achieve the objective, apart from the pawn of e2.

The great masters of chess always renewed their knowledge.

White Sacrifice

I want you to pay full attention to this video because it offers very important information for the chess player who needs to learn the following: Sometimes pieces acquire the same value if you develop a good strategy.

The pieces on the board are only part of the game, learning to drop some of them at the right time, allows you to win the game. In the video I show you below, you will see what I'm telling you and you will find a great example of the detachment of pieces, which is sometimes very effective.

In the same vein of Bobby Fischer, there's a great game that also shows us the example I want you to follow.

Play chess with four players:

Change the theme a little and offer something more innovative and interesting, not all platforms have: Play chess with four players. If you haven't heard or read about it, I can assure you that you will find it extremely interesting.

At first, it might seem a bit complicated, but then it turns out to be something very simple and fun to play and watch. The way the pieces move doesn't change, what changes are the board and that the captures have a score. If you want to know more, in this video they explain it to you:

Chess video: Aggressive Openings

The following video presents passive play and extreme play on the board. It is one of the best chess videos you can see to learn definitive, fast, aggressive openings, all this you will enjoy in this video.

Recommended for chess players of all levels, but I particularly think that intermediate-level chess players will take more advantage of these openings, since, you need a certain level of experience to bring the opponent to the desired point and you can make more variants in the game to achieve a perfect checkmate.

Grandmaster Garry Kasparov

What better way to enjoy chess than watching greats of our game? Video about chess where Kasparov himself tells us about his experience in his most memorable games.

Something that all chess players should see because it offers many teachings, among other things, it also speaks of their mistakes. Making a single mistake in a game can cost you defeat and doing so in a world championship is almost traumatic.

Listening to the great masters of chess is something exciting, you can learn to overcome the falls in the games and take their advice, which will help you psychologically.

When you are under so much pressure it is necessary to learn how to control it, not only in a world championship but up to the one that generates you a game in line from your pc since if you do not control it can harm you in many aspects.


If you have not heard this name yet, let me tell you will soon enough. Likewise,  Praggnanandhaa is an excellent chess player. He is growing, not only in size but also in the world of chess. Praggnanandhaa became a FIDE-Master at the age of seven.

He then became (at the time) the second-youngest chess Grandmaster in the history of chess, and will continue to grow, one day maybe challenging for the world championship crown.

Certainly, in this chess video, you will observe the agility and dexterity that this child has with the pieces. In short something almost incredible, but true. Praggnanandhaa is a living example that gifts are born with people and that to be old age is not a limiting factor.

Chess Video on Magnus Carlsen vs. Wesley So

The magic produced by these two players. For example, Magnus Carlsen is one of the greats of this time, compared to many great masters of history.

So some people call him “the Mozart of chess” and not for less. They are monsters on the board know what I mean and if you don't know it, here is a proof:

Always attentive to your movements and those of your opponent

Checkmate in a few moves

For instance, it happened the first time I faced someone more experienced than me in chess. With a few moves, I was already getting up from the table or shaking my opponent's hand.

Surely, it's happened to you, so that this does not happen again. Here are some chess videos that will help you do your own or simply learn to avoid it.

How to achieve Checkmate in 2 movements:

How to achieve Checkmate in 3 moves:

How to Achieve Checkmate in 4 moves:

Funniest chess moments in one chess video

In conclusion, learning and teaching need dynamism, so here are some funny moments that have happened even with chess masters. With this video, you will be able to relax a little and release the accumulated tension. In other words, chess is nothing but fun!

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