Chess tuition and its effective consequences. Did you know all of them?

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The chess tuition

Nothing more real than this phrase said by one of the best grandmasters in chess, David Bronstein: “Chess is a game where every piece count, where you have to have a better tactic than your opponent because otherwise, you will lose.” Chess tuition is very positive for the person who practices it.

Chess has transcended in history for more than six hundred (600) years. It is qualified as a sport, because it competes, shares intellect and requires some agility to play it.

Chess is a fun and competitive world

This sport is growing, the number of coaches who give chess tuition is increasing and the diverse population of people who seek them as well.

Numerous chess masters show that it is not a simple game, they with much time of study and practice have achieved chess is seen in another way. Some of them as: Capablanca, Kasparov, Fabiano Caruana, Wesley So, Magnus Carsen, Bronstein… among others, are examples chess can reach to be a profession. Besides providing numerous benefits for the body and especially for the mind. If you don't believe it, then read on.

Some benefits of chess tuition:

Exercise the cerebral hemispheres: When you are playing a game, the brain uses two brain hemispheres. So it is very practical to exercise them. Before it was believed the left side was the predominant one.

Helps you to concentrate: Due to its high concentration requirement, when playing chess, it increases. When you are in front of a board trying to solve a problem against your opponent, you can spend minutes, even hours until you find it. It also helps the memory to remember moves, tactics and movements and this is not easy.

Teaches you how to plan: Creating a daily strategy against momentary problems arise in each game of chess, helps you to plan for other things in your daily life, in addition, it is proven that this discipline helps self-control and make good decisions, which is crucial for any time of our lives.

It raises the intellectual coefficient: Facing and solving the problems presented in the board and when playing chess systematically, a person can raise his intellectual coefficient, above all, it has been demonstrated, the increase in the intellectual level of the young people and children who practice chess thanks to chess tuition.

These are some things chess offer you. One of the main reasons to play chess is that is a very fun sport and even more if you have a good opponent, a friend or a relative. What better way to have fun while helping your mind?

Chess is part of history and has many things to tell.

If you still hesitate to enter this interesting world of chess, you can be looking for someone to teach you chess tuition and demonstrate your skills. It's necessary that you know chess has had hundreds of mentions in movies, series, books and more. For those reasons makes it is a special and much-appreciated sport.

You will find anecdotes of important people or others who became famous thanks to their experience with chess. You will like to know about people like these them and share with them.


Curiosities about chess:

The word “Checkmate” comes from the Persian “Shah Mat”, it means “the king is dead”.

Garry Kasparov in 1985 with only 22 years became the youngest World Chess Champion until now.

“The Queen”, previously it was possible to move a single space in diagonal. Until in the year 1400, the rule was changed to be the strongest.

Chess appears in movies such as Star Trek, Harry Potter, Pawn Sacrifice, among others.

The crew of Soyuz-9 (a spaceship) had the opportunity to play in 1970 the first game of chess in the space.

The Pawn symbolizes an infantryman (walking soldier). It is seen as the least valuable piece on the board, but it has the possibility of promotion with the possibility to be a piece of a big value.

Chess tuition is the key forward to the success

This game emerged in Europe during the 15th century. At that time, it was believed that the game of chess was used to represent a battle and devised strategies to use on the battlefield. Today it is a battle!

The bishop was originally an elephant and symbolizes an army officer. It also represents a stylized person, with medium height and a helmet.

The rook represents a fortress, although by its movements it can refer to a mobile assault tower.

The knight is the armada of cavalry; the figure represents the head and neck of a horse.

Can you imagine all the atoms in the universe?  If you cannot, I'll tell you that the universe has an approximate number of atoms from 10 to 80 and the combinations in chess are 10 to 123, it's incredible that chess surpasses them!

There are plenty of reasons for chess tuition. It's such an exciting game that you'll love it. It has so many years of history to share with you and it will continue to share them because you must be sure of something. Chess will continue to evolve until the end of days.

Enjoy playing chess and reach your best potential

Learn more about this amazing world, where you'll find openings, middlegames, endgames, strategic moves, impressive tactics, players… It will inspire and captivate you so much that you will want to play every time.

To play chess all you need is a board with 64 squares, the pieces and an opponent. You can also turn on your pc and play online or download an application on your phone to distract yourself while you pass the time.

At some point in your life, you will have to learn a bit about this amazing sport. Someone you know who plays it and he/she asks you to sit down with him to start a game, will you tell him no, because you cannot play?

You can start to learn chess from zero in the Academy. What do you think? :)

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