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What is chess

Chess house is a web page in which you can buy anything related to chess or anything useful to learn it. Here you will find chess sets, books, tables, chess clocks, courses, and etcetera.

This is heaven for anyone who wants to buy some merchandise for improving in chess or just to have fun. The page offers products for any kind of customer and chess-lovers, from chess beginners to experts and grandmasters.

They offer their delivery service that has a great range in the world delivering for most countries. Also, they offer excellent client attention by granting a 90 days Guarantee and free replacement parts if ever needed.

An unbelievable chess community

plastic chess set

These people take chess learning seriously and their products have been satisfying chess learners and masters since 1972. This is one of the most reliable web pages to buy high-quality chess-related equip while having a great customer experience.

Chess house is not just an online store, they also offer pretty good support with free children’s courses and chess material. They really believe in Capablanca’s ideal that chess should be taught to children.

They are associated with the foundation Chess4life that teaches people the game of chess to change their lives forever. They have a program for everyone to donate to children’s simultaneous games, chess classes by masters, and free chess sets.

Chess sets to buy at Chess house web

chess house buy chessboard

I suggest you prepare for everything you will find in chess house because is impressive.

Here you can order any kind of chess sets the way you want it, if you can picture a chess set, then, you can find it in chess house. They have wooden, glass, plastic, metal, themed chess sets, as many as you imagine.

It’s very cool, because they have any chessboard with any kind of piece, if you like the type of piece but not the board, you can change it. Chess house also offers electronic chess sets, which provide you the opportunity to play against a chess engine on a physical board.

If you are not looking for a wooden chess set you can also take a look at the travel and flex chessboards. You can find chess sets to travel or to move around easily, which results in useful if you need a cheap option for a chess club.

Also, in chess house, there’s a section dedicated to luxurious or personalized chess sets and collectibles. You can see antique chess pieces like the Sinquefield cup chess pieces (or the king Louis XIV that I found the other day!).

Chess house supplies

chess set black pieces

This is the interesting part if you are a tournament organizer of a chess arbiter. In this section, you can find chess clocks, bags, or scorebooks.

You can buy anything you need to organize your tournaments or restock your chess club by buying anything you need in chess house. There are also vinyl and plastic chess figures that you can put on a demo board on a wall. This is a former tool for chess trainers to teach classes.

Chess pins, chess medals, chess tournaments scoresheets, chess, chess, chess, and more chess!

I personally think that every chess teacher in the world must know this web page to buy equipment because it is so essential and important.

The work and effort put into chess by the chess house personal are amazing and much appreciated by chess masters. They can provide anyone with enough chess tools that are amazing, sometimes it is a little difficult to get this kind of product.

Chess house learning

chess house buy chess piece

The learning resources offered by the web page are so varied, between them we can find personalized sources to learn. For example, master classes for children and adults, courses specialized in teaching how to have fun in chess.

The courses are great structures and are very rich in chess content, it can be the best for children or chess beginners. There is a good chance of getting a good understanding for a starter in chess out of chess house’s courses.

Also, you can buy any books or problems sheets from here, the material is organized and well-stocked. There are many really interesting books you can get, for example, 5000 chess combinations of the Polgar's sisters.

It includes a great chess openings repertoire, with a single book for every opening, you can find books from the most prestigious masters in the world. For example, Yasser Seirawan, The Polgar sisters, John Bain, and more. You should really try out these books, they are helpful to the training.

Finally, chess house has a wide compound of chess softwares available for you to use, softwares in chess are helpful to analyze your games and other programs can also help you in your training.

The powerful Fritz is one of the most used by the chess community, you can get it easily in chess house.

Chess house special offers

chess house

If you are looking for something more adjusted for you because you are short in money check out chess house deals and offers.

They are always offering low price articles and merchandise with discounts, you just have to be aware of the new offers and coupons they offer for free every day.

Incredible prices offering even 20% off your purchase just for free, which is pretty useful. Actually, you can find a pretty decent chessboard for a fairly low price. I highly recommend checking the “Deals” section.

There is also the interesting “Warehouse clearance” section. Here you can participate in a very fun dynamic the chess house team has.

You look at the products in the warehouse and you can offer the price you feel is worth for anything you choose. The chess house team will see if they accept it or not depending on your offer.

You can be the lucky one to take a beautiful chess set home! And for the price you want!

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