Chess Clock: The #1 Great Timekeeper That Keeps You On Track

Chess Clock

What is a chess clock? When playing a game of chess, it's important to keep the game fair and maintain an even pace. A chess clock is a device that keeps track of how long each player has been thinking and how long each has left to play the game. It consists of two adjacent clocks with buttons to switch from one player to the other, without running both clocks simultaneously.

At the start of the game, chess clocks are set to a predetermined amount of time for each player. During the game, each player must hit the clock button after each move to start their opponent's clock and put a pause on their own. Modern chess clocks have a small flag that drops to signify the end of the game.

Most chess players, from beginners to advanced players, use a clock because it makes sure that each player has an equal amount of time at the game table. It also ensures that even in a complicated game, both players have enough time to consider their strategies as well as make their moves. During tournaments or competitions, a chess clock is almost always used.

Features of Chess Clocks

Chess clocks come in a range of different types and sizes, but they all operate the same way. Modern chess clocks come with features such as pre-programmed buttons, adjustable time settings, sound notifications, and even a digital display.

Digital clocks are the most popular type of chess clocks on the market because of their versatility and convenience. They feature a variety of time settings and adjustable options like bonus time, delay time, and “take-back” options for moves.

VINJOE's Digital Chess Timer is a popular choice for chess players. It clocks a maximum of 10 hours, and it also has basic, bonus, delay and positive time features. Other popular Digital Chess Clocks include the DGT North American, the DGT 1002 Bonus Chess Timer, and the ZMF Pro.

Advantages of Using a Clock

Using a clock can be advantageous for both novice players and veterans alike. It helps slow down game speed for a beginner who tends to think for too long on a move and discourage advanced players from making quick decisions on moves that require more thought. It also encourages more strategic thinking and strategical play rather than simply relying on tactical play.

Chess Clocks

When playing with a clock, both players are given an equal chance to implement their strategies. Comparative time control is critical in ensuring that the game remains fair and that there is no bias towards either player.

Choosing the Right Chess Clock for You

When shopping for a chess clock, think about the type of chess you like to play and what features are important to you. Most clocks come with preset timing options, but some allow you to customize your gaming time. Some also come with features like alarms and sound notifications when it’s time to switch.

In addition, you should think about whether you want a digital or analog chess clock, and decide whether you want one that is convenient or one that is more tailored to serious players.


Clocks are an essential item for anyone who plays chess. They are an important tool in keeping the game fair and helping both players have an equal amount of time to think strategically. Digital chess clocks are the most common and come with a variety of time settings and adjustable options. When selecting a chess clock, consider the type of chess you play and the features you need.

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