Top 10: Marvelous Apps to Play Chess

apps to play chess

The best apps to play chess

Improving in chess is a task that requires hard work, discipline, and excellent methods to learn. As a chess coach, I can tell by experience, that chess learning must be fun and progressive.

One of the best ways to combine learning with fun is by always changing the method you use to train, or by trying out different strategies.

Today we bring you the 10 best chess apps to play chess and improve your skills in the process. is a desktop ask to the webpage of, you have surely heard about it, and for a good reason. offers the best features that you can ask from a chess app, some of them are:

  • Tactical trainer with more than 150.000 puzzles
  • Live chess function with an ELO rating system
  • Chess lessons
  • Chess-related content to improve in chess

The main app is pretty simple to use and pretty comfortable, you can use it through your browser if you like to. However, having the app has many advantages, like better performance and receiving notifications from the site.

For kids, there is its more infantile version: Chesskid, which is a great option for your children



This is the second of the apps to play chess for those who don’t like the app, it offers similar features, but with some differences. The main difference is that all of the content on lichess is completely free, and it has good quality content.

The looks of the app are different, you can also find personalized chess classes via lichess, and other functions. Analyzing your games is easy and comfortable from the app, it creates a graph that lets you see who has the advantage.

Play Magnus

This is one of the best chess apps you can find out on the internet and be created by Magnus Carlsen itself. This app does not allow you to play against another player, you play against an engine instead.

The interesting part is that the engine was programmed to be the most similar it can be to the world champion. It has a difficult system run by Magnus’ age, and it has 23 different difficulties so far.

Winning this app is pretty tough, already at 17 years old, is a really hard challenge. If you can beat the engine in the highest difficulty, you could win the opportunity to play the world champion.

This is an excellent app for chess training, you can also have lessons and other features for a reasonable price. One of the best apps to play chess.

Magnus Trainer

apps to play chess knight

This is the complement of the Play Magnus app, which has also been made by the world champion. This app offers video chess lessons recorded by the world champion itself.

It’s specially made for those who want to have chess lessons by the best chess player in the world. You will have access to some content that is released to the public, and let Magnus teach you chess.

As with most of the apps of this nature, not everything is free, and that is fair, for a considerably low price, you can unlock the deep chess lessons.

Chess king learn

This app is not intended to play live games, but for training and analysis of chess positions. You can use the tactics function to learn basic chess patterns, like mate in 1, 2,3, skewers, forks, and more.

Chess king also counts with a comfortable chess engine, you can import png files, and play on positions against the engine. It has a good database of games, but you can also download your database to analyze master games comfortably.

You can unlock more of the features of this app by paying the subscription, which is not too much, and may be beneficial. One of the best apps to play chess.


apps to play chess king

This is a more relaxed and calmed chess community, where you can enjoy a chess game easily. You can choose the time control you want to play on, and you can also join tournaments.

The app is pretty complete, visually light, easy to use, and simple. Paying 10$ a year will unlock all of the features it has, like the ability to play 5 games at once, and a chess engine to analyze lost games.

Really Bad Chess

If you are looking for quieter pure chess fun, this app is for you then. Here you can enjoy the wackiest and weirdest chess game of your life, this is chess without patterns, and without order.

The dynamic is similar to chess 960, you start with a randomly generated chess opening position, and you have to play on. You don’t play against other players online; you play the engine instead.

It will automatically adjust the strength of the machine progressively as you win or lose games. This is good for those players who like to try out different chess variations (pretty fun by the way) and see chess with new eyes. One of the best apps to play chess.

Learn chess with doctor Wolf

chess terms

The chess app is designed for children, although the experience could be enjoyed by anyone. This is perfect to teach chess to any player at any level.

The interface is simple and is pretty straightforward, you are playing an old man who seems to be really good at chess. It’s a highly complicated engine that is programmed to adjust the level of play during the game.

So, he could give away a piece if he has too much advantage, but as long as he sees you have a good level, the challenge will be huge. Excellent apps to play chess.

Shredder Chess

This is a simple and quick app to improve your chess abilities practically if you know how to use it correctly. You can play an instant game in the browser through the app, or you can try out the different puzzles.

There is no tutorial or bothering explanations about the app, is pretty straight, clean, and free of ads. You can pay a subscription to unlock more puzzles and more positions to analyze and improve. This one of the apps to play chess with great fame on the internet.

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