Top 5 best chess books for children

chess books for children

Chess books for kids

How we present chess to our children is extremely important, of course, just if your kid really enjoys chess with chess books for children. Inspiring motivation to children is a complicated task, their attention doesn’t last long, and is full of energy.

How can a complicated and calculative game like chess be appealing for a child? The answer may surprise you…

It’s not about the content, is about its ways, which means that you can wake up children’s interest by presenting chess the right way. This is exactly the reason why there are chess books especially intended for children.

Chess is a beautiful game; children usually develop a special interest in the game that remains for a long time. Getting your children into the chess world is not something you will regret.

Here you have a list of the best chess books for children, to have your child learn and have a nice journey in chess.

Checkmate! By Garry Kasparov

This is the best title for those kids who are first starting in chess, the living legend Garry Kasparov teaches chess to kids. Reality is that kids will remain interested in the books as it advances through the pages.

This book explains chess to the basic level, not going too deep in variations and analysis. But making the process easy and fun to do, analyzing games and the rules of the games.

Then, it goes a little bit deeper in matters of chess terminology and strategic principles chess has. The simple language is exactly the one chess books for children should have to make it easy for them.

Your kid will learn the game of chess, chess concepts, and pretty good chess knowledge in general from an ex-chess world champion.

Explaining ideas that may seem overwhelming even for amateurs in a pretty practical and easy terminology makes the game look easy for a moment.

This book can be good not only for children but for any chess player interested in learning more chess concepts or even deepen their knowledge.

chess tactics for children by Murray Chandler

Tactics are one of the most important parts of chess, and Murray Chandler makes an excellent work explaining this to kids. This is not a theoretical book because it is full of practical examples and positions to analyze.

The content of the books always pretends to be friendly to kids and the language used is appropriated for them. The methodologies of the books are subtle, yet incredibly worked up and excellent for children.

This is, undoubtedly, one of the best chess books for children that exist, in the matter of the way the content is presented. The Author is a proficient chess book writer that specializes in books for children in general.

He has written many books about chess dedicated to the youngest of the family. A friendly and pretty fun approach to chess to maintain children interested in the content.

It’s completely recommended for anyone interested in making his chess a little bit better.

The Chess Method by Antonio Gude

Antonio Gude is another great master in writing chess books for children, and here is one of his masterpieces. This master’s knowledge is something to admire, he has written a great number of chess books at all levels.

He is very respected as a chess player too, but he dedicated his life to the chess books writing, and coaching chess. This is one of his incredible books, in this case, for kids, that will help you boost your level.

In this book you find essential topics about chess, explaining it all with simple language. He explains simple topics like chess notation and the basic movement of the pieces.

But further in the book, you can find winning strategies and general principles to play chess like a champion. If there is something good about this book, it always keeps a good tone and jovial rhythm for the kids to never lose interest.

The tools you can find in these books are sufficient to prepare your kid for chess competitions, which is great.

How to beat your father in chess by Murray Chandler

This is actually a chess classic, it’s known for being a must-read for almost any kind of chess player in the world. In general terms, every chess books are good, but this is an excellent case to practice for everyone.

Many chess players in the elite have said this is an excellent book, and it really has some great content. Murray Chandler gives us again another masterpiece as the name before.

The book will ride you for the regular yet, super important cess concepts and principles. But it has a little difference, here they are tainted with the opinion and intelligent commentary of the author.

The games analyzed are carefully picked from a rich database, you can be sure you can learn a thing or two from this incredible book. Either if you are a chess amateur or a beginner, you will surely find some interesting information here.

Chess endgames for kids by Karsten Müller

The endgame is another neglected, yet, very important chess topic for children. This book is for those kids who are a little more serious about improving in chess.

The book’s methodology is simply great, and the examples it offers are amazing. This is a good way to study the endgame, by theoretical explanations reinforced with a practical exercise explained step by step.

Learning chess endgames as a kid is something that will surely give you an advantage when playing kids. The endgame is almost taboo for children because they tend to be complicated and not too funny to study.

However, if you learn chess endgames you will surely have a real advantage against your opponents.

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