5 best chess apps for iOS

Chess on the iPhone?

Yes, almost everyone is hooked onto their iPhones on a daily basis. It is a revolutionary invention that changed our lives forever. A big reason that we love our iPhones is because of the apps. There are all kinds of apps, whether it be games, fitness, the news, etc.

Naturally, we have our beloved chess apps. Chess is so amazing that such an ancient game invented thousands of years ago accommodates so well with the technology to this day. It's simply amazing how much progress chess has made.

So here are the top chess apps on iOS. There may be some omissions which is perfectly fine, we just wanted to highlight a few iconic ones, but if there are others you like better, there are no worries there.

Chess.com App

Of course, when speaking of chess apps, we must start with the one and only chess.com app. Chess.com is the leading chess website and one of the best chess experiences on the internet.

chess app

Chess.com has many tools not only for playing, but to help you learn so that you can play better! Some of those tools include puzzles, puzzle rush, lessons, opening explorer, etc.

And of course, Chess.com is one of the most refreshing chess playing sites out there. Chose your time control, bullet, or longer games, get matched against someone of your similar skill. Hundreds if not thousands of people join chess.com every day, if you're no on Chess.com, why not create an account?


To compliment Chess.com, we also bring to you the Lichess app. Lichess is a chess-playing website that has some similarities to Chess.com. Like Chess.com, Lichess has a playing pool, where you can play games of different time controls and get paired with someone of similar skill. Lichess also has many practice resources like Chess.com including puzzles, training positions, and more.

chess app

Lichess is also known for their arenas. Arenas, as many of you know, are tournaments where you wait for a game as soon as your game finishes, there is a timer for how long the tournament will go, and whoever scores the most points in the arena wins. Arenas can also include berserk, giving up half of your time so that if you win, you gain double points, and there are streaks, meaning points multiply if you go on a winning streak.


Chess24 is one of the most powerful chess platforms out there, as well as Chess.com and Lichess. Chess24, like Chess.com and Lichess, has good resources for playing games and learning.

Chess app

Chess24 is also known for the videos and courses they have up for advanced players. Lots of concepts are covered including opening, middlegame, endgame. The courses go into great detail and are taught by extremely strong players. Be sure to check this resource out!

Chess Clock App

Have you ever tried to start a game requiring a chess clock but did not have a real one handy? With everyone carrying their phones in their pockets, download the Chess Clock App!

In the settings, you are able to set to whatever time control you want, setting the base time, as well as an increment or delay! It's convenient in that with the way it's set up, you are able to see clearly how much time you have (your opponent's clock time is going to be upside-down on your perspective, but what matters most is your time!). You just tap your time just like you would press the button, and begin playing!

The app also has some cool features including an easy reset of the clock and a move counter.

Play Magnus

We all know the greatness of world chess champion Magnus Carlsen. However, do you ever wonder what it would have been like to have played chess with Magnus Carlsen at a certain age, maybe even 5 years old? Well, look no further!

chess app

The Play Magnus app uses AI to estimate what Magnus' relative strength would have been at certain ages. You very well may be able to beat 5-year old Magnus, when he was getting the hang of how to move the pieces and all. But how about 13-year old Magnus when he famously drew all-time chess legend, Garry Kasparov? Good luck then! :)

Making the right choices for chess apps

There are many more chess apps that we didn't cover. Feel free to look for more. However, for the aspiring player, how should he or she make the best decisions as it pertains to the chess app?

There are a lot of basic chess apps out there, mainly designed for you to learn how to play and play games. That is great if you want to get started! But make sure if you are looking to improve that the chess app has improvement value to it. And even if it is just fun, that is alright as well!


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