My System By Aaron Nimzovich
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Alberto Chueca

My System by Aaron Nimzovich: #1 Best positional and strategic book.

Probably the best known and most popular book in the chess world is My System by Aaron Niwmzowitsch and this is because it is a book that every chess player must read at some point in his career if he wants to continue advancing in the world of chess.

The book of a legend who never became world champion, however, is an uncrowned king and who is credited with many important contributions both in openings and defenses and in modern chess.

Who was the creator of My Aaron Niwmzowitsch System?

Aaron Nimzowitch was a Danish chess player, but of Latvian … Read more

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chess fundamentals
Interesting Information for Chess Players
Alberto Chueca

Chess Fundamentals, the amazing book of Jose Raul Capablanca

Chess fundamentals is the new book by the only Spanish-speaking world champion in the history of chess so far has been Jose Raul Capablanca. A chess prodigy since he was a child, who had an intense rivalry against Alexander Alekhine, so it is always good to learn a little about him and there is no better way than reading chess fundamentals by Jose Raul Capablanca.

A book that has been passed down for generations and that manages to express the preparation of the Cuban is this one, it is not the first time that this book is … Read more

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Alexander Kotov
Interesting Information for Chess Players
Alberto Chueca

Think Like a Grandmaster by Alexander Kotov

Looking for a book related to the thought process of an elite player is difficult, however, this is where Think Like a Grandmaster by Alexander Kotov, a player from the USSR who managed to capture in his manuscripts different wonders for future chess players, stands out.

So in this review you will have what you need to know to decide if this book is what you really need and what you are looking for, besides you will be able to complement it with other books of this phenomenal writer.

Who is Alexander Kotov?

Alexander Kotov was a chess … Read more

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