Discover the most interesting chess novelties that are happening right now with the International Master Alberto Chueca. In addition, sure that you will enjoy it.


GM Norms in Chess – How to Produce Those to Titles

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GM Norms in Chess

We’re going to talk later about the specifics of achieving IM norms in chess and GM norms in chess, which ultimately leads to how to reach GM in chess, however, we must understand that meeting the sole requirements are not simple at all. It takes a lot of practical work and effort, which we will talk about below

At all levels, we see the most accomplished chess players out there with fancy “titles” celebrating their accolades. The titles can include Candidate Master, National Master, FIDERead more

Spanish Opening In Chess – Plans and Strategies

Spanish Opening in chess
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Ruy Lopez Opening – Plans and Strategies

The next opening we are going to learn about is the Spanish Opening in chess, also known as the Ruy Lopez. The Ruy Lopez name is named after 16th-century Spanish priest Ruy Lopez de Segura. The Spanish opening is one of the principled openings we teach to beginners, as the emphasis is on controlling the center, piece development, and early King safety. It’s very similar to the Italian Opening, as the same principles are applied there.

The difference between the Italian and … Read more

Chesslang – Tools for Online Chess Academies (I).

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Tools for Online Chess Academies: Chesslang.

Are you finding a powerful software to help you to have online chess lessons and train your students? Then, you must discover Chesslang. I will show you the pros and contras that it has this software.

Chesslang is one of the tools that I use as a coach in my Online Chess Academy. Let me show you Chesslang in-depth.

What can you do in Chesslang?

  1. Train your students, having the possibility to upload pgns and load them in the lesson. In addition, the
Read more

Top Chess Players In The World – The Best 100

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Top Chess Players In The World – The Best 100

Chess is by far the top intellectual game in the world. People who don’t play chess perceive chess players as “smart people”. And there is no doubt truth to that, chess requires critical thinking, decision making, memorization, etc. Therefore, we must salute and recognize the best chess players in the world. There are estimates that 600 million people worldwide play chess.

The top 100 chess players account for such a tiny percentage of players almost unfathomable. So let’s … Read more

The Chess Set to revolutionize the game – Square Off

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Virtual Chess Set

Maybe you play games on the internet, most chess players play thousands of blitz games solely on the internet. Have you ever longed for that experience to play a real person across from you on the chessboard? With the Square Off chess set is possible!

Chess clubs and tournaments exist for that very reason, however, maybe you don’t have the means or resources to go out and play competitively. But you are sick of staring at a computer or iPhone screen with dimensional pieces.

Why not … Read more

The Best Online Chess websites: The top 10 according to Google.

online chess
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Discover the best online chess platforms

Chess is a sport meant to be practiced by 2 players. It’s one of the most popular sports in the world. The majority of people that play chess online do it to have fun.

Tournaments are played; money is made through them and is currently considered a very beneficial sport.

Do you need a chess coach?

These are the reasons why thousands of websites were created to play chess online. The main websites according to Google are:

Top 10 of the online chess

Read more

Download Chess Programs today. The programs you should have.

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Download chess

For a chess player finding reading material, videos and much more is essential for his development. Getting where to download chess material and learn at the same time is ideal for you to advance in this wonderful game.

Currently, thanks to technology, the information we can have at hand, is much more accessible than decades ago. Becoming a great chess player is not an easy task. If you know how to take advantage of web sources, you will have at hand the necessary tools to become one.


Read more

The top ten of the best chess books. Are you agreed?

the top 10 of chess books
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The best chess books

After a great search and my own experience, I have achieved the 10 best chess books. These chess booksย will help you learn to play and acquire more knowledge.

Some of them have already been written a long time ago and have marked the history among.ย The books are for those who want to enter the world of chess, so I have no doubts about recommending them.

Top 10 of the best chess books:


1. My system:

Its writer is Nimzowitch, this book has influenced what Read more

Guimaraes Chess Open: The tournament that you can’t miss!

guimaraes chess open
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Guimaraes Chess Open

When I reach the end of summer now I only think in the Guimaraes Chess Open. It’s becoming a tradition. I’m always eager to play it. I played it last year and was awesome.

I’m going to tell you 5 reasons why I love to play this tournament and why you could play it (even if you play it maybe we could play together!):

1- Portugal is lovely

I don’t know why Portugal is one of the countries that I love it! I have visited several times Read more

Chess Openings: The London System – IM Alberto Chueca

the london system
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The London System

When we learn to play chess, our teachers teach us the opening and its basic principles. Simple things like control the center, develop your pieces, castle, etc. The uphill battle from here is which opening to choose from. There are so many choices! In this article, I want to recommend you the London System.

Many players chose prestigious opening lines like the Najdorf Sicilian, Italian Game, maybe even Kingโ€™s Gambit, and spend hours of our lives memorizing theory and learning every trap in the Read more