Chess player
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Chess player: The #1 athlete in the best science game.

Chess is a game that has been enjoyed by generations of people across the world. It is a game of strategy and cunning that requires skill and experience to master. A successful chess player must have a combination of qualities such as:

  • Ability to analyze situations
  • Patience and discipline
  • A sharp memory and an eye for detail

The game of chess is often seen as one of the most challenging and rewarding pursuits. It requires a great deal of dedication, knowledge and skill to become a successful chess player. This article will provide an in-depth look at the qualities and … Read more

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Learn how to play chess
05 The ways to improve in chess ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Learn how to play chess – 5 tips and many amazing steps.

Playing chess is a great way to learn strategy and decision making. It's an age-old game that has been around for centuries and it can still be enjoyed today. Learn how to play chess is relative easy, but the strategies and moves can be complex. This article will provide you with the basics to get started.

Learn how to play chess

Firstly, you will need to understand the pieces and their moves. Each piece can only move in certain directions and any piece can be taken by the opponent. You will also need to understand how to capture your opponent's … Read more

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